Willing to Re-Invest

Willing to Re-InvestYet one more by-product of these below freezing temperatures has arrived for me today of which is the sudden appearance of those deeply sore cracks on the tips of several of my fingers as well as knuckles.  It’s amazing how quickly they can appear and yet how long it takes them to heal.  Yes, the drier air both inside and out is the culprit.  At least there are a few more products on the market that help to get them healed more quickly.  There’s been more than one time being embarrassed when discovering a little blood from them on documents I was busy preparing.  I’m at least happy they haven’t arrived until now since most times they start appearing in December, but since our temperatures were above normal during those weeks, myself along with likely many others were spared.

Having discovered yesterday a property I had listed some months ago being sold, I sent a note of congratulations to one of the sellers.  The owners decided to list with an out of town Realtor likely because I was required by law to present an exceptionally low offer on the property.  Too many times sellers believe their Realtors put buyers up to making such ridiculous offers, but unfortunately for me that wasn’t the case.  All during the time I had it listed, I told the sellers their buyer would arrive likely more later than sooner due to it being a bit non-standard.  Well, in seeing who purchased it and the amount paid, was almost a dead ringer with what I believed it was worth as well as the type of buyer I’d profiled.  I wasn’t rubbing that fact in when writing that card, but rather to reaffirm my original and on-going statement regarding what type of buyer would purchase it as well as its likely sale price.  I was a little bit sad about them throwing me over for an out-of-town agent, as well as the dismissive way it which they did it.  It’s just another example of how people who have completely different areas of employment and specialization believe they know more than someone who’s in the “trenches” nearly every day.  In essence, that card not only went out in congratulations to them, but for me in writing it, was simply an affirmation of my original and un-wavering belief.

I have three closings coming up these next seven days and I believe I’m ready for all of them.  The one that is closing tomorrow is 718 E. State, and I’ll actually miss being in that property.  There’s something very special about that home, and each time when walking thru it, I could envision what it would look like restored to its original glory.  Being a bit pompous, I’d say the buyers have nearly as much good taste in structure as I have.  Why would anyone want to live is some plain old box that’s been copied over and over again, when they can live in something that was carefully designed and built by one of likely the “powers that be” at the time it was created?  I wish for them the very best and hope they’ll love the home as much as the original owners did.

I happened to run into the CEO of the Good Shepherd today and gave him great praise in how much I believed their decision to expand has become the catalyst for other forward-thinking entities along with homeowners to re-draw the residential map for the east side of our Historic Downtown.  That’s all it takes are just a few forward thinkers to make great and lasting changes.  Living in times where companies and owners take all they can from their communities, isn’t it refreshing to find those willing to re-invest?

Joe Chodur

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