An Ice Scraper and a Pizza Box

An Ice Scraper and a Pizza BoxThis winter blast has certainly kept me on edge all day.  The weather forecasters said it would start snowing at 9:00 a.m. and quit at 6:00 p.m tonight.  They were correct about when it would start but it’s long after 6:00 p.m. and the snow is still falling.  One thing I’m glad I did on Saturday was to spend the extra time getting the ice off the sidewalks in front of my office.  That light snow over the icy sidewalks is very dangerous.  I felt sad for an older guy who slipped and fell on some snow covered ice today on a downtown sidewalk.  I don’t believe he broke anything but I’m sure he’ll have a few aches and pains tomorrow.

Another one of my listings sold today of which I’m glad to have under contract but also know there’s a person who’s very unhappy right now about having lost it to a competing buyer who offered a higher price.  As I’ve mentioned numerous times, “A home isn’t sold until an offer is signed by all parties and all conditions are met.”  I just wish I could wave a special wand and create another one just like it on a similar location.

I’m still working on three other offers that are still hanging due to the buyers and sellers having not yet come together on price.  I only hope none of them wait too long and find they’re in multiple offer situations.  In spite of the non-stop snowing, I had to get out of the office on errands numerous times while holding my breath at each slippery intersection.  There were at least a half dozen people who went sliding on through four way stop intersections due to not been able to brake.  Luckily I only saw one fender bender.  Too many of the delivery trucks seemed oblivious to the weather by being double parked in front of businesses to where it was even all the more difficult to get around them.  For the first time this winter, I pulled out my pair of ugly Uggs to help keep my feet warm and give me that “snow tire” traction.  I enjoy their comfort and safety, but they make my feet appear to be at least six inches wide.  I don’t even like looking down while wearing them due to the distorted impression I get of my foot size.  All I can think of is “Big Foot”.

Arriving back at the office around 2:00 p.m, I found I had to park across the street in seeing the snow plow had pushed a pretty large mound of snow near where I park. Not noticing anything about the other cars nearby, I walked in and went back to work.  About 10 minutes later I heard some commotion out front so I got up and went for a look.  There was a newish SUV parked just outside with two young men trying to get it free from being hung-up on a snow bank.  Not paying any more attention, I figured I’d might as well go out and shovel the new layer of snow which had fallen since my earlier shoveling.  As I walked out, I got a better look at those two and their struggles.  I stepped over and said, “I think you need a shovel.”  One of them said, “We don’t have one.” “Wait a minute and I’ll go look for one.” I replied.  I went back in and ran downstairs to where I luckily found two smaller shovels for them to use.  Being a bit bossy as I am, I told them what to do and where to shovel.  After about ten minutes they got their vehicle free.  Seems they were visiting our City on college break.  Having noticed what I noticed earlier I couldn’t help myself in saying, “An ice scraper and a pizza box won’t magically turn into snow shovels, so promise me you’ll go buy a shovel and gloves before you leave our City.”  I couldn’t believe they were glove-less and using a pizza box and an ice scraper in attempts to get that vehicle free of being hung up on that small bank of snow.

They thanked me immensely but after they drove away I thought, “The least they could have done was to help me get my sidewalk clear of snow.”  It’s all about learning to step out of our own lives and consider the needs of others.

Joe Chodur

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