True Gentle Man

True Gentle ManMost of the general public doesn’t know that licensed real estate sales people have continuing education requirements just as most all other professions that are under the umbrella of our State Licensing Board.  Every three years we must renew or licenses along with certifications that the required continuing education requirements have been met.  Over those three years I try to squeeze in a class or two whenever the opportunity and time allows.  Today, I spent six hours in a classroom while the cold rain was coming down and the north wind blowing.  What I’ve always found interesting about attending those classes is the wide variety of people in attendance as well as the distances some of them travel.  There were three people seated around me that had driven over an hour to get there.  One of them lives over two hours away and not as many as I’d expected, being from here in Mason City.  I may sound a bit harsh in saying this, but I’d rather sit next to a perfect stranger from out of town than listen to one of my competitors telling gossip about such things I’d rather not hear.

One of the topics I found interesting was the understanding of the different types of personalities we encounter in society.  In reading about each type, we went over both their strengths and weaknesses.  While going over each, I actually now know what group I’m considered a part.   It was nearly a dead ringer when speaking about strengths and weaknesses.  I smiled to myself when the author gave examples of how my group interacts with the general public.  In going over the other types, I soon realized why there are some clients and customers whom I consider a bit more difficult to work with due to the way in which they perceive themselves and the world around them.  One of the groups mentioned is that which I’d consider my opposite.  It’s always been more difficult for me to work with that group because they too often change their minds and work more at being the center of attention rather than getting something worthwhile accomplished on a daily basis.  Their long term plans seem to change daily while drifting along in their rudderless ships waiting for the ever-changing life currents to take them elsewhere.  If there was one section of that class today which I would consider memorable, was that topic of personalities.  I’ll certainly be able to recognize each type more quickly after now understanding their positive features as well as their negative.  After finally getting to the closing table today which was very much past the agreed upon date, I can now breathe much easier in knowing it’s finally closed.  Luckily, both the buyer and seller were amicable enough to stay on course and get it completed.  It’s transactions like these that make many other closing seem like cake walks.  I couldn’t thank the seller enough for being so patient and understanding.  I wish more people would be as he was through this whole process.  I’ll have to send him an extra special thank you note for Christmas.

The last appointment I had today was with a businessman whom I’ve been assisting in getting his business started here.  I never shared with him the excessive amount of pro bono time I’ve spent getting things in order for him.  As he walked out he said, “Please Mr. Chodur, I know how much you’ve helped me and I want to do something for you.”  I patted him on the back and said, “You don’t owe me anything, and if you think you do, then pay it forward with someone else.”  He still insisted it was necessary to compensate me for the extra time.  I smiled and said, “If there should be a time when I need your assistance, I know you’ll be more than accommodating.”  He finally accepted my possible future needs and walked out.  I think what he was most concerned about was my feeling as though he abused my time, so now he’ll be happy in knowing he may have to return the favor some day.  I wish he and all others of like minds doing business here in Mason City, the very best in their endeavors.   After today, I shall consider him to be a true gentle man.

Joe Chodur

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