Out in our Universe

Out in our UniverseThe northerly wind today was causing the temperatures to feel all the colder outside. I’m not so sure where all the people were on Black Friday because of how little traffic I found on the streets. It may have been the biting wind or perhaps people are finally starting to learn to stop buying so many things they really don’t need. Rampant consumerism cannot be sustained in a world where we are seeing the effects of global warming and dwindling resources. I happened to be in today conversation with someone who’s from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. He spoke of how the dwindling water supplies for irrigation have been causing farmers to fall on hard times.

People think California is the only State that’s suffering from the lack of sufficient water, but there’s Arizona and Texas having similar problems. People wonder why fruits and vegetables are getting more expensive when the price of oil is down. It’s mainly caused by fewer growers being able to grow harvestable crops from irrigated fields.

Quite a number of years ago I visited a field of vegetables in Southern California and to my surprise, it looked as if they were being grown in the middle of a desert. That field would certainly have looked more like a desert had there not been an irrigation system in place. It’s frightening to think how something we take for granted here in Iowa, there are others in the lower States fighting over. It’s becoming more of a brave new world in which we live. In spite of having to endure the cold winter months, I wouldn’t want to live elsewhere. With that said, I believe Mason City has much room to grow if only we would market ourselves in a more upbeat fashion in order to attract more specialized industries who’d be hiring skilled workers from some of the States where many of the young are saying, “I’ve had enough of this rat race!” We certainly have enough land here for expansion. I’m in hopes Mason City will soon be referred to being something more symbolic as “The Jewel in the Crown of Iowa”. There’ll be no more River City.

For some unexplainable reason, I find colleagues in my profession being a bit tedious with their demands. I received a text this afternoon asking that I e-mail some documents to that office. I returned the text by asking for their fax number. The next text said something like, “Just e-mail it.” When I got back to the office I sent another saying, “You don’t have a fax?” The reply, “Fax machines are like pagers; they’re both out of date.” After internally bristling, I went ahead and scanned and emailed the documents.

If that person only realized the extra steps necessary to e-mail rather than fax documents, I don’t think I would have received such an erroneous statement. If faxes are out, then why do they still sell new ones? If faxes are out, then why are the banks still faxing payoff letters. If fax machines are out of date in 2015, then this must be the reason it takes people longer to get things done. In spite of my fax being a dinosaur, I’ll still continue to use it when appropriate as well as necessary. I’m finding more and more people texting words that are most inappropriate as well as sometimes downright rude. I’ve warned more people of late in regards their being careless with our language while texting others. Being rude in texts creates a build-up of poison out in our Universe.

After so years, for the first time today I referred to someone as an imbecile. I’m sorry.

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