Radical Price Reduction

1403 S. Kentucky Ave-18As we near our next Holiday this coming Thursday, I’m finding more people attempting to get themselves settled before the sub-zero temperatures arrive and knee-deep snow. With the exceptionally strong cold wind today, we are certainly getting glimpses of what’s in store for us starting tomorrow. I wasn’t happy in hearing of the snowstorm heading our way and possibly dumping five to nine inches on our fair city. What makes me the most nervous about the first snow is how un-prepared drivers are on slippery streets. It causes me to wonder what some of the national statistics are concerning vehicle accidents after the first measurable snow for the season. I’m sure the insurance companies already have those numbers and are bracing themselves in their call centers.

I’ve already put away the summer tools and replaced them with winter. While driving to an appointment today which took a little time to get there, I began thinking about how we as a community can work at becoming more introspective as far as our work, our families, our city, and our lives in general. It’s very good to have a slowdown period to where we have time to ponder and possibly cure some problems that’ve been eating at us for months but really didn’t have the time to work at solving them. Since we’re going to be trapped indoors for the next four to five months due to inclement weather outside, it would be a good time to get back to projects at our offices as well at homes which we’ve pushed aside due to the amount of free time needed to complete. I’m already making a mental list of things I’m going to be doing over the winter months. It’s good to be kept busy while inside instead of shivering under a wrap watching TV or playing around on a computer. Some have attitude changes when there is limited sunlight during these months. I say, “Turn on the lights, switch on the music, and get busy with some tasks at hand and if nothing else, dance with yourself” Since I’ve never liked winter due to my having to work out in it when a youngster on our farm, I find as many things possible to do indoors where it’s warm and dry. I decided many years ago that if there’s a Hell, it’s not filled with burning flames, but a burning cold where great sinners are held in freezing states of torture. We get frost burns rather than frostbites.

After too many months on the market and a total of four offers on it during that time frame, the sellers of 1403 S. Kentucky have decided to radically reduce their home in price. It was initially listed at $169,000 and now it’s been reduced to $147,500 which is an over $20,000 price drop. I’ve planned a public open house for it this coming Saturday in spite of the weather predictions. Now that it’s been reduced and disseminated to all the media sites, it will likely be sold now more sooner than later. The most disturbing thing about buyers in today’s market is their inability to look past paint colors, decorating, and future upgrades. It seems they’re willing to pay $40,000 – $50,000 more for something not as well built and staged with HDTV colors and “placed” furniture. I’ve already sketched the floor plan of it for future use should I decide to do a build-out. I normally don’t care for multi-levels, but this one’s been well planned and definitely functional. Please make sure to stop by Saturday and compare the value of this 4BR, 1 ¾ bath home perched on a ½ acre and its radical price reduction.

1403 S. Kentucky Mason City

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