It’s Not the Tool

It's Not the ToolOh what a wonderful day we had weather wise especially as the afternoon approached. I shared with someone today about how it is better to take exterior photos of houses in these months when the sun is lower in the sky and can shine more light on a home when coming from a lower point in the sky. I’ll have to go out and take a few more photos tomorrow of homes that need better photos taken with the leaves off the trees and the more angles of sunlight.

There were more people at my public open house today than I had expected and was glad for it. It makes for the two hours to pass more quickly when engaged in conversation with potential buyers. I believe the home has decided it’s going to pick which buyer it wants since we’ve had three or four offers on it since it’s been listed and yet couldn’t seem to get to the point of an agreed upon price.

I’ve been personally quite upset since hearing of the murderous rampage that took place in Paris. It appears yet another killing spree perpetrated by a group of radical Muslims. As I mentioned to someone today, it looks like they’re now raising the bar on the number of innocent people they’re bent on killing. Not but a little over a week ago a Russian passenger airline suddenly fell from the sky and crashed, and I’m pretty much convinced it was a bomb planted on the plane by a religious radical. My greatest fear is one of the groups getting access to radioactive material and doing with it something even more deplorable. It seems world history is repeating itself again. Having read a good share over the years, it causes me to remember the millions of people killed over the centuries and nearly all falling under the umbrella of religious beliefs. From the Crusades, to the butchering done during the Reformation, and lastly the number of people murdered by Hitler and Stalin simply because they didn’t “fit” their ideological molds. If all those innocent people killed in the name of religion were lined up side by side, I wonder how many times that line would circle the earth. It’s no wonder there seems to be a growing population of agnostics along with large numbers new age believers. My whole take on it really isn’t about religion in an of itself, but rather a way to control others in a more closed-minded radical fashion. I think it was about a month ago when I happened to see a photo of one of the more radical Muslim clerics calling on the Islamic world to carryout personal jihads against all whom they believed to be enemies of Islam. Now that’s what I consider a religious radical as being one who can walk in front of a camera and call for the death of innocent people. All I can say is this has got to get resolved before this madness pulls everyone into a world war.

This past Friday I stopped to visit a dear elderly friend and discovered he had a visitor who’d decided to make him lunch. His friend who stops once in a while must have been having a bad day because nearly every sentence was something about his kitchen stove. She said to me, “I really hate this stove. Every time I try to cook something, it either burns or tastes terrible.” I said, “You know everyone’s stove is different to where they have to get used to it.” She continued, “No! It’s this electric stove! I hate electric stoves!” I smiled and while walking away thought, “It’s not the tool. It’s the operator.”

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