BlowbackEvery waking moment of the day our minds are absorbing, analyzing, categorizing, and drawing conclusions with some of the most complex pieces of information down to the mundane. In conversation with a handful of people today, I was reminded of a pattern of conclusions that most seem to take when their minds have finally finished processing data on given subjects. I’m seeing now more people taking the dark path of fear. It’s happening in the crosscut of society to where we find those in the medical community filling patients full of fear and ordering tests they believe will reveal their darkest of suspicions, to people questioning even the most simple of facts presented before them.

There’s the fear of not being politically correct and being ostracized by groups, a fear of not having enough money and doing everything possible to make as much as quickly as feasible, the fear of not being considered “special” in the eyes of peers, the fear of growing old to where we find people having cosmetic surgery and dressing like those decades younger, and finally, the fear of change to where we find people refusing to move onward and upward in bettering their metaphysical beings. Perhaps today was one where my sensors were on overload when even the most subtle of negative comments registered deeply.

Yesterday morning I received a call from someone asking if I would be willing to donate extra time for a given cause. I partially agreed and said I would think about it overnight and get back to him today. Without my knowing, another person involved mentioned this a.m. that yesterday’s caller had decided to step out of the whole project due to some obscure reason his involvement would be fruitless. I spoke to a builder several days ago who mentioned how frustrating it is when doing work for the general public in how often they change their minds during a project. I can understand making minor changes, but some of them were so large to where it was as if they’d given no real thought to what the end product would look like. The making of decisions and sticking to them in today’s world seems to have fallen out of favor. Why can’t we speak freely without hidden agendas? Why can’t we stop grinding axes for someone over something that happened generations ago? Why can’t we foremost hope for the best and then make sure we’ve prepared for the worst? The bright side of situations appear turned under while dark sides freely flip up. I have a distant relative who’s sunken into a ditch of negativity to where no matter what is said in a conversation, it will always get turned to the dark side. Have you ever noticed how with people like these, there’s absolutely nothing one can do to please them. They will always find fault and continue to pull everyone down into their furrows. What’s unfortunate with them is there’s a building up of karmatic energy within to where one day, the vessel breaks and it spills over onto themselves and their worlds around them. I’ve decided to start using the word “blowback” whenever I find someone saying or doing something that is dark. We all must remember that more sooner than later, the wrongs we’ve done to ourselves and others will create a blowback in the future, and when it happens, it’s usually not very pretty.

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