Play Time vs. Work Time

Play Time vs. Work TimeAnother one of my listings sold today and I believe both the buyers and sellers are happy with their decisions. I’m glad to find the market continuing to be active since crossing the threshold of the month of November. I think Mother Nature must have heard me mentioning how the month of November for me is my most dis-liked month of the year and giving us weather more resembling late September or October. I read an article today saying this will be the year which for the first time the global averages of temperature will rise higher than ever recorded. The meteorologists are placing the blame on the El Nino and global warming. Someone said today, “Maybe we’ll have no snow this winter and everyone will be happy.” I replied, “Snow cover is an insulator and if we don’t have snow, we at least need enough rain to keep the ground moist for Spring planting.” I’d rather have the snow as long as it doesn’t stay all winter. The mid-winter melts are always best to keep from having too much snow building up everywhere.

With the sun bending low in the sky makes for surrealistic scenery around the times of sunrise and sunset. I snapped the above photo shortly before sunset this evening and I’d say it does have a bit of an “off world” look to it.

Interesting conversations sometimes get started when we least expect. I had to open a home this morning for a technician to get some work done and since there were a few more problems that had to be addressed and remedied, we ended up talking about the poor customer service many of us get whenever on the phone with someone. He said, “I think many of them are busy playing with their tablets and consider themselves being interrupted from their personal time with callers.” I was quick to realize this likely to be the reason so many in customer service are becoming more rude and try to get you off the phone or away from a counter as fast as they can so they can return to their smart phones or tablets. I told the technician that he had likely filled in the missing piece of the puzzle and thanked him for it. After thinking about it off and on today, I recalled all the recent times I’ve walked into banks, insurance companies, government offices, and every other type of businesses in between and noticed workers either on the internet or playing with smart phones. In the past, they used to be a little embarrassed when discovered doing it, but now it’s become commonplace. I was showing a rental home several days ago and while showing it to the prospective tenant and giving him the necessary information, he was multi-tasking in sending a text message to someone.

Of course, he was of the younger crowd who’ve become quite accustomed in believing it’s socially acceptable. Believe me, they’re all not that way and I was reminded of it this afternoon when showing a strapping young man a home for sale. He was very attentive, asked all the right questions, and was appreciative for all the extra information I supplied. I thought to myself driving away, “Now there’s another one worth cloning and spreading about our communities. He didn’t once reach for his cell phone all the time we were at the property. Back when I was a supervisor in a bank likely a 1,000 years ago, I would say this idea of bringing one’s personal life to work is forbidden.

Our country absolutely must draw strict lines between personal play time vs. work time.

Joe Chodur

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