Houses of Darkness

Houses of DarknessSome may think me be a bit much in talking about the weather often, but I do have to say our weather today was about as perfect as one could expect.  Even some of the people I encountered today mentioned how delightful the weather has been.  One even said, “I wish I owned a convertible because this would be a perfect day to go driving around the countryside.”  Yes, I believe we must enjoy all the moments we can in the great out of doors during these times.

I was surprised to have as many people at my public open house since it was so nice outside.  I was afraid there would be seasonal outdoor activities all the more appealing.  With that said, I do hope one of the groups that were there will seriously consider purchasing 926 – 15th Place NE since I believe it’s a great buy for someone looking for a home with many updates including a monster garage, and priced below $80,000.00.

A not so nice person whom I’ve known for a number of years pulled me into a debate today that I wasn’t so much wanting or expecting.  The concept of a deep debate for me is when someone badgers me long enough about ideas or perceptions that I know to my core to be wrong to where I find myself challenging their beliefs.  I won’t go into the details of the debate but I thought I’d share my “take” on what goes on in families and society as a whole.  Whenever people allow their integrities to be compromised, there begins the justification of following that new course in their lives.  There are adults that can even come out of the same immediate families and we find one or two veering off towards the building of wealth and power in bad ways, while other members of that same family working towards a more clear perception of not just the needs of themselves, but the needs of the world around them.  It takes me back to what I said before about people having the mindset of selfishness or the flip side in being selfless.  We are all selfish to a degree simply due to our egos always getting in the way.  Those assumed “generous” people out there are not so generous when we find either the strings of control attached or attempting to lift themselves up by saying, “Look what I did!”  I find people like that to be a bit pathetic and just hope for them to get themselves fixed more sooner than later. The creepy part about this business of doing bad things to society for only one’s self-gratification, is that it creates a spill over or back wash into that person’s family.  Some very bad people in this world have shielded their supposed loved ones from knowing what they’re really up to, but there’s a reckoning force that continues to build to the point where it begins spilling over and back on to those of whom they have the most feeling.

My closing words in this debate today with that person was, “If you think that you’re children, your children’s children, and your children’s children’s children will not be affected by what you believe to be the correct path of thinking, then you are sadly wrong because there will be a darkness that will fall over those you love, and even though you can’t see it, touch it, taste it, or smell it, it will be there and when it starts pouring over, you’ll remember my words.”  People have forgotten the word “Forgiveness.”  They harbor hatreds and continue to grind axes while justifying their actions yet not fully knowing they’re encouraging the building of their own houses of darkness and in this case, lighting all the candles in the world won’t dispel this form of darkness because it’s still there after that last candle goes out.

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