Morphic Resonance

Morphic ResonanceHave you ever had those mornings where you’ve been so busy with little errands that after the day is done, you can’t remember all the little “to-do’s” that we performed?  Well, I guess this morning was filled with them and after sitting down and doing a recall, I guess there were more than I’d thought, yet at a glance backward, I’d wondered where the morning went.  The highlight of my day was picking a fresh ripe watermelon and giving it to a dear friend.  I’m hoping it was as tasty on the inside as it was beautiful on the outside.  Seems Fall is just around the corner when seeing how the soybeans are rapidly drying up in the fields.  It’s almost magic in the way in which they suddenly turn from a deep green to yellow.  It was certainly the drop in several of the overnight temperatures that triggered this happening.  While waiting for an appointment to arrive this afternoon I happened to notice out the back window of my office about a dozen healthy sparrows feeding on seeds of grasses and weeds.  They were so close to the window yet seemed oblivious to my watching them in their scurrying about after the seeds.  I’m sure they’re traveling to every grass patch in the Downtown in their feedings.

Sometimes when heading off to a public open house I grab something to read in between visitors.  It was a slower turnout today so I managed to get in about chapter of a book I’ve been reading.  I found there to be some pages speaking about Rupert Sheldrake.  He has his PhD in biochemistry and has worked a number of years in the field of plants.  He veered off into the field of research regarding parapsychology.  Many in the scientific community consider him to be a sort of pseudoscientist.  Deepak Chopra is considered one of his followers as well as many others in the New Age group.  What I found to be most interestingly curious is his idea of morphic resonance in the realm of living things.   He believes that knowledge isn’t so much stored in our brains, but rather our brains act as receivers of information that’s simply “out there”.   Those pages also talked about how memory is inherent in all living things and perform tasks based on the memories of those of their kind.  It caused me to pay a bit more attention to what was being said because I started remembering some of the interesting yet un-explainable things that have happened in some of the families I’ve worked with over the years.  One example was a mother telling how none of her children sucked their thumbs, but interestingly enough, her son sucked his three middle fingers.  When her son married and had a son, without any encouragement from mother or father, he as well began sucking his three middle fingers.  Where did he pick that up?  Was it genetically transferred in the blueprint or was it received as information that was already “out there”?  I’m sure each and every one of you can think of things that some of your old relatives have done and suddenly find your children or grandchildren doing it without any previous knowledge.  Taking it a bit farther, we are left wonder why sometimes we think of someone and within moments, it’s that person who’s calling.  Could there be information being passed between those receivers?  As new levels of understanding continue to manifest themselves, we find some natural laws being broken.  Morphic resonance may be one of those natural law breakers once a true form of measurement is discovered.

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