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bunnyAt last, after being near a month over-due, one of my listings closed today. Sitting at the closing table while watching and listening to the interaction between the buyers and sellers, I was convinced that this particular transaction was meant to be. Knowing both the sellers and buyers well enough, I can say that really good people do more often gravitate towards really good people. With careful discernment, like does attract like, as well as in the opposite direction I’ve said in passing, “The devils do know their own shoe size.” It was beyond a soft landing with that closing and more closer to a soulful passing of a baton.

Another closing that is tilting back and forth with a “maybe it will, and maybe it won’t” close scenario. My rather intense phone calls today regarding it is keeping me hopeful everyone involved will remain diligent in getting the required tasks completed. Whenever there’s more than the average number of people involved, the more difficult it is to keep everyone focused due to personality differences as well as mis-communications. How many times we find ourselves saying the same thing over and over again until finally someone listens and says, “Oh, I didn’t realize it was that important.” That’s when I want to go and look in a mirror and say to myself, “Are you really that hard to understand?” It’s all about prioritizing those things that are most critical in transactions. I shall endeavor to get it to the closing table.

The most delightful young gentleman stopped by the office late this afternoon inquiring about housing. Just before he left, he spoke about wanting to have his own garden area where he can grow organic herbs and vegetables. If there were a small house with a large yard available for him, I would have likely rented it to him. One thing he said which made me sad was, “I’m finding I have to drive to Rochester MN to get the real organic vegetables that I prefer.” He went on to tell about all the research done on organics and the extra health benefits they provide including their healing powers. I personally can taste the difference in fruits and vegetables that are grown organically versus non-organic. But beyond that, there’s the soil composition and whether the vegetables and fruits rely solely on rainfall or if they’re dependent on irrigation. It has been proven that many of the fruits and vegetables we eat have a more bitter taste due to having been grown with the help of irrigation systems. Rain water keeps plants more true to their natural taste. Have you ever been out picking wild raspberries and noticed the intensity of their flavor? I remember one time some years ago promising a bucket of wild raspberries to someone so to make a raspberry birthday pie for her mother. Oh Mercy! I think I had as many mosquito bites on me as I had raspberries in the bucket. I got the job accomplished, but did I suffer with all those bites. The really unfortunate thing about the food we now consume is that many don’t even know how great a difference there is in taste. I would wager that 75% of the population have no clue about the taste and health differences there are in true organic fruits, vegetables, and meats. Some may consider me a bit too fussy, but I can still taste the difference as well as many discriminative others. Never under-estimate how powerful natural veggies can be.

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