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More SimpleIn the midst of the dripping humidity today, I was able to finally get a particular loan file ready to close after wrangling with title issues for nearly four weeks. Yes, title issues can bring out the worst in buyers and sellers as well sometimes causing buyers to walk away from the table due to the extended time lost in waiting. I’m very proud of the both buyers and sellers for remaining level-headed during these stressful weeks. After it closes, I’m sure we’re all going to breathe a deep sigh of relief. I’m even more so appreciative towards one particular attorney for spending so much time in getting the problem resolved. Really good people so often step up to the plate and accomplish great tasks in quiet ways. We all should be thankful to have them living amongst us.  It looks like we’re moving out of the mid-year doldrums of real estate sales and hopefully the home sales will start picking up again.

Having been bombarded with text messages today from several people who’ve been a bit over-board with their comments, I couldn’t help but be reminded how our society has evolved. In the old days, people would say some not so nice things on the phone but rarely say it to one’s face. It seemed as though the phone gave people more the opportunity to say biting things knowing they were shielded from reproach by the distance and privacy of the phone. I can remember too many times when speaking to someone in person, and then he/she being far different from a phone call from that same individual. Then came the e-mails. We moved away from the phone with biting words to the e-mails. There have been a few I saved and printed out over the years simply as a reminder of the acid words that can come from someone seated at a computer screen. Now comes the texting that is in full blossom. I would say without a doubt that receiving a text from someone who could freely call and talk to me about a problem is the most annoying. One particular text I received today from someone who is supposed to be a professional didn’t even deserve a response. The “getting away” with saying things to another through a cell phone is nearing acceptability by the general public. We are growing into a society of singular beings believing the world is revolving around us rather than being a part of something. I shared my thoughts with a great mind in our community today in that too many people are absolutely not interested in what is on the other side, and blind to possible reasons this or that has or has not happened. They draw their own conclusions and spit out their final verdicts while perched above of their cell phones. It’s yet another example of the general rise in narcissistic behaviors. Some have a touch of it while others have all facets of their lives steeped in it. I laugh to myself whenever I question someone about something they did or didn’t do, and the speed of their knee-jerk responses tells me they’ve already developed canned answers to nearly everything they consider questionable about their business as well as personal lives. I’m exceptionally delighted to be working with a young couple who’re near complete opposites of many in their age group. Whenever working with young people similar to them I continue to have hope for the future of mankind. The husband made a remark today that caused me to smile. He said, “I believe the more simple we make our lives, the better they’ll be.”

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