Head First

Head First-1Some days are just that way. We never can understand why at times we wake up and see the world in a light that is so absolutely clear with all its blemishes and say to ourselves,  “Why is it people can’t see what they’re doing to the world we live in?” Everyone talks about community yet there is always the hook of “what’s in it for me?” and we are left wondering why there can’t be a true sense of selfless giving of time, treasure and talent.

In speaking about this with another today, I couldn’t help but bring up a name of someone who’s been an ever-pricking thorn for a great number of years. Most people can’t see this person’s core selfishness because the passive/aggressive behavior is so fine tuned that most don’t even realize it’s there. I once said something to a great and fine mind about her abilities, and of course meant every word, but found as I turned around this person I speak of, had just happened to hear what I said. Evidently a great and lasting dislike for me continued on for decades simply because there was some sort of personal insult that was taken that I couldn’t even begin to think why other than it was a deep anger created by a childish jealousy. This person evidently expected me to hand over buckets of false compliments and make it all better. I couldn’t and wouldn’t. So years afterwards I know there is one who continues to grind the axe. I consider this person and everyone else of similar mindsets nothing less than pathetic. If I overheard someone telling another of his or her abilities of which I shared, I would have thought, “Good for that person for being so capable.” I speak about this now and have before in the ways our world has evolved to the point of nobody wanting anyone saying anything that would be taken in a negative way. We are left with crowds of people patting each other on their backs and butts for bad jobs, bad attitudes, and bad community spirits.

I was so happy to have an unexpected visit at my open house today from a couple who moved away from Mason City about 12 years ago. I was terribly sad to see them move and wish they would return because they are just plain fun to be around. The both of them are completely without guile and I appreciate it. We had a really good visit and hope to see them on a more regular basis. This is how guileless they are. As he was getting in the car he said, “You know I didn’t actually go seeking you out, but just happened to be driving by and noticed your open house sign.” I scolded him in a dear way for placing me on the bottom stack of people they wanted to see while here.

Yes, we do need more people like them living here. Terribly refreshing in being true to their words. Another gentleman stopped by who has been looking and we also had a good chat about his son’s desire to learn a musical instrument. I mentioned that I told his son to remain diligent in his aspirations because a deep desire to learn something is over half the battle. It makes me very sad when I hear many young speak of not having any real burning desire to gain an ability through learning. I fear that many think their dreams are un-attainable due to all the restrictions society in general has placed on our young. The cost of a good education is getting farther and farther out of reach along with the peer pressure of those pulling them back. All I can say is, “Jump in head first no matter how deep the pond of struggle may be!”

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