MinionsLittle annoying duties sometimes arrive and take longer to perform on Saturday morns.

It’s a bit unfortunate when waiting for someone to drop off or send necessary documents to be lax in getting those simple jobs done right away. I never could understand why people wait until the last dog is dead to get time sensitive work accomplished. If it’s contractor work, office work, and everything in between we find too many tomorrows become weeks and months and respect for those people diminishing all the more each day as their projects wait. As I’ve mentioned before, there’s not enough good competition in our area and that’s why too many paying clients and customers are forced to wait. It happens in all arenas. There are those who the general public have been convinced to be stellar in their abilities, when in reality their skills are no better than some of their competitors. I’ve known several exceptionally good contractors over the years who often didn’t have anymore helpers than one or two. Some of the work those people performed were near to being works of art. One of them I used often before he retired. It took me a long time to gain his trust because he was exceptionally quiet. He rarely spoke while performing his job and would only come to me with a question regarding a proposed re-model job. I used to feel a bit guilty when he would come to me with his detailed bill because he was so precise with his materials list as well as time spent on the job. Most contractors start their clocks when they leave their shop which I always thought ridiculous. He would not start the clock until he arrived and his lunch breaks were subtracted. Oh how I wish I could have cloned him before he retired. Too many times I’ve found it unfortunate in seeing someone’s success based on glossy advertising and hyped up on-line ads, when in reality they’re too busy spreading themselves so thin to make sure they can take as much business as possible rather than spending more time at doing better jobs for a more select few. I had to laugh to myself in reading the plot to that new cartoon movie The Minions. Seems they’re a bit of a jab at real life characters who have their minions doing their bidding. The problem with minions is that they really aren’t that good at much of anything other than attempting to serve, and above all, please their masters because they’re the ones holding their meal tickets. How can you tell if you’re talking to an employee or a minion? Well, I believe employees have opinions in sharing their thoughts about their company in a truthful way because a good employee will always be looking for ways to make companies better. A minion is just the opposite to where when a question is asked, it’s usually an “I don’t know”, or “You’ll have to talk to the boss about that.”

Mindless servant/minions aren’t creative or even pleasant to be around because their whole beings are focused on keeping their masters happy no matter what it takes. Sometimes minions even try to mirror their masters persona in hopes that some day they’ll be elevated to the level of their masters and become glorified. It sort of makes you want to not ever even come close to appearing as one doesn’t it? Getting back to the cartoon, it seems the movie is centered around minions that serve only evil. I hope the minions living here don’t take that as their cue to become nasty evil-serving minions.

Joe Chodur

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