Slowing down to near Zero

Slowing down to near ZeroIt’s amazing to find that we’re already but one day minus being half way through the month of July. These past days of 90+ degrees is just a reminder that they won’t be long lived as the sun is already marching back south. In just six months we will be likely chilled to the bone with early January temperatures and begging for long sunny days.

I’m still wrestling with an offer on one of my listings that I hope the sellers/buyers can find a common ground on price. I try to back away from the emotional roller-coasters that take place while attempting to take the “reasonable man’s” approach when counseling. Most times people do finally listen and make the right choices, but once in a while blind stubbornness stands in the way. It’s funny how really stubborn people do deeply know they’re wrong, but they absolutely can’t stand it when someone else has a better understanding of the workings of making a deal happen. I’ve said everything I can say, so now it’s time to be silent and wait for an intervening circumstance or two.

One of my not so favorite things to do is paying my dentist a visit on a regular basis. He’s nice and I like him, but sometimes I get a bit annoyed with all the fuss about the x-rays, the measuring of gums, and everything in between. I just want to get in, get them cleaned and checked over by the dentist, and get out. I think some of the girls at the desk consider me a bit of a punctual fanatic whenever I’m waiting any longer than 5 – 10 minutes for someone to come and get me. It really is OK to remind professionals that long waits are a bit of an insult towards those who’ve arrived on time and are forced to linger long. Someone told me a story about a doctor here in Mason City who even goes out to the waiting area to get a patient who’s been waiting a long while. That’s good to find doctors who’re contentious enough to step out of their boxes and realize where someone else is in their world of medicine.

Whenever I’m out and about driving from point A to B, I happen at times to notice people either walking, or on bikes who are as I would say, “cranked up” in the way they seem to be in a constant state of hyper-motion. Early this morning there was a woman walking down 4th Street who was plugged into music and attempting to sing out loud. Without sounding mean, she was about as off pitch as she could be while swaying her head back and forth. There’s another man whom I’ve noticed from time to time walking down the street plugged in singing about as loudly as possible, and of course off pitch.

It’s not so much the singing, but also the bodily gyrations that go along with it. Even some of the professionals I encounter seem to be in the gear of high speed and I wonder, “Do they ever settle themselves down?” An office visit I had today caused me in conversation with him to ask, “Do you ever get yourself cranked down to where you don’t have a series of layered thoughts going on all the time?” His unfortunate answer was, “No”. It really makes me sad to find that humanity has gotten itself so much in a hurry up and keep up mindset. I really wish more people would take about a half hour a day to simply slow their minds and bodies down to where they can start seeing and understanding things that can only be experienced at a slower mind/body speed. In the act of slowing down to near zero, makes the ego quiet and hidden inner doors to open.

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