Friendly Fire

Friendly FireUp, out, and at it early again this morning is creating a bit of a habit for me and I’m thinking it’s just fine. Having an earlier than normal closing caused me to make sure everything was ready for another soft landing. I know sometimes my buyers and sellers think me a bit of a mother hen with reminders, but it really does help in keeping things on track. The transfer of utilities is a biggie because if the buyers haven’t ordered utilities in their name prior to closing, there will likely be a shut off and then they’ll be charged for a re-connect. I would rather give money to a charity rather than suffer an un-necessary expense like that. I do hope that some day soon sellers will learn not to “divorce” themselves of the general duties of keeping their homes up between the time of sale and the time of closing. I’ll never forget an incident some years ago where the owner left his dog in the garage while away and when I opened the home up for the appraiser and walked into the garage I discovered the dog, the smell, and the unsightly excrements on the concrete floor. It came as no surprise the home didn’t appraise and the buyer walked leaving the seller spiraling financially downward. It was a terrible situation for everyone involved. A number of months later I found both the buyer and seller having made wrong choices. That whole situation would have never come to pass if the seller had been more soulful about the care and maintenance of his home.

I’m confident there were some lessons learned by both. I dearly love animals, but most people don’t realize the amount of real care necessary in having them as a part of one’s family.   My heart goes out to cats and dogs not being properly cared for whenever I happen to notice willful neglect on the owners’ part.  I was fortunate to be able to share some insight today with one of the religious leaders in our community. We talked about allergic reactions from foods we eat, we talked about headaches, and we even talked about the excessive consumption of refined sugars and their negative effects on some who are genetically pre-disposed to those conditions.  I couldn’t speak enough about how our society in general has evolved into sugarholics.

Most have no idea how much we eat that contains refined sugar. Unless the ingredients on the package are read, one would likely dismiss something never having been considered containing refined sugar to be included. I’m personally convinced arthritis and refined sugars have a strong connection. I believe in the future, there will be a scholarly scientific paper written on the subject and everyone will start watching what they’re eating more closely. I teasingly told the man of the cloth that I’m seriously considering the life of an apostate. He jokingly told me that should I do that, he would seek me out and drag me back to reality. My tongue in cheek response was, “Sometimes in wars of faith, the brethren are often times driven out by friendly fire from within their own religious communities.”   I nearly always steer away from political and religious views, but today I was in the right company and the air was not thick with preconceived notions. In nearly all areas of our lives, it’s usually the friendly fire that causes the most unnecessary pain and suffering.

Joe Chodur

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