We Can See Forever

Rock’n and Roll’n in and out of appointments as well as feeling as though my cell phone was stuck to my ear half the time, brought me to the conclusion that when doing business in real estate, one must expect the un-expected on a more often basis than not. Happenings are many times unexpected where they merely arrive and we’re left to make the best of surprise situations. Two homes were sold out of my office in the past two days and I’m working on the third to create a home run week.

I just today received a drastic price reduction on 119 – 2nd St. NW, Ste. # 2 here in Mason City. That office condominium located in the heart of the up and coming Downtown is now very competitively priced at $130,000.00 The quality of construction as well as the recent big ticket improvements would be a turn-key operation for someone wanting to have a beautiful office only steps from the banks and courthouse. There’s definitely not much commercial to choose from in the hub of the financial district. If anyone were even thinking about breaking away from an existing company and starting their own, this would be a great fit simply because of its layout.

I’ve been watching the recent sale prices of some of the homes sold and I’m going to say again, “There’s no rhyme or reason in attempting to create averages simply because they’re all over the map. I really hope that we’re not approaching another market bubble like what happened in 2007. That was a nasty one and we’re still not finished with the foreclosures of purchases that took place shortly before the crash. I truly wish the best for our market, but there also must some careful consideration by the current buyers in what a home they’re looking at purchasing is really worth. The glitz soon wears off when facing normal care and maintenance as well as upkeep of a home that presented itself as being something that will take care of itself for years to come. I just found out about a purchase of a giant home by a retired couple who’ll likely be rattling around in it chasing dust bunnies and endless time spent cleaning bathrooms, kitchen, and all the other massive rooms. I guess if there are those who want to spend their retirement years taking care of an extra large home, then so be it. I’d rather be out doing charity work or tending my garden along with taking short trips on long weekends during my future golden years.

I happened to have a short chat with a person today who in years past has always treated me in a dismissive way. It’s funny how some can suddenly change their whole demeanor when they want something from you. I consider it quite comical when that happens and become a bit reserved and more careful. In thinking about how people tend to do business in today’s world, I find they really do forget past slights towards those they suddenly consider their business friends. What I believe, is that many are so un-true to themselves and their actions that they actually forget where they’ve been and what they’ve done in their lives. Their existences are based on illusions they’ve created and continue to keep the clouds coming in. I’m glad I had that chat as a reminder of how people are with their veiled personalities. It gave me the opportunity to start clearing away a few of my own clouds that rolled in. On a clear-minded day, we can see forever.

Joe Chodur

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