Separate the Whites

gees-1Sometimes because of it being summer, one encounters some the most disgusting of natural occurrences. I was minding my own business today when preparing to straighten an outdoor rug that was outside a listing I was showing and happened to notice something moving. As I looked closer, I noticed one of the top ten most disgusting things crawling out from under that rug. It was a large maggot! After brushing it away with my shoe, I thought, “If there’s one, there’s more.” I looked around and viewed no other movement until I peeled the rug back. Oh Mercy! There were at least eight or ten of those bulging and squirming entities under that rug. I shook the rug and brushed them off the porch. There must have been something dead that they were feeding on that was likely already eaten and they were just hanging around waiting to evolve into pesky flies.

Not a half hour later while walking to a business downtown, I happened to notice something lying on the side of the alley. It looked like a half-eaten rat and whatever was eating it must have found it distasteful and regurgitated it. The flies were already starting to arrive for a mid-morning brunch. It’s no wonder why I skipped lunch today due to having absolutely no appetite. Yes, it’s all part of nature’s course, but I still find it repulsive to have found two of my top ten mega-dislikes in one day.

The afternoon did get much better after being informed I sold another home to a young and deserving couple I’ve been assisting. The spilling over of excitement with many of the young is worth the extra work. There’s no question that home will serve this young family’s needs for many years to come.

One of the people who came to my open house today was someone I hadn’t seen in a while. We talked about this and that, when the conversation veered onto the subject of the excessive entitling of our younger generation. He was quick to note how it’s becoming much harder to find entry-level workers at his employment due to the strenuousness of the work as well as the lower beginning salaries. Seems they last about three or four days and just decide to not show up for work. The general public has no idea the extra costs companies have to cover for this revolving door of workers. I was very quick to say it’s not so much the workers to be blamed but rather their parents. They want their children to be their best friends and forgive nearly all their failings. Too many schools across the country rubber stamp students into their next grades when they should have been held back and suffered the embarrassment of their laziness. People are too much into teaching students, when if fact, those students should be taking the initiative and learn for themselves. The idea of learning oneself is when initiative and willingness to experience the absorption of knowledge without having to be lorded over by a teacher on a daily basis becomes self-challenging. Many years ago I personally experienced how much parents enable their children to the degree that when they leave their nests, they can’t even perform the basics that most older people learned at a very early age. Children learn by observation and having their hands in and on certain domestic chores. How many teenagers are you familiar with that know that they have to separate the whites from the colors when doing laundry? The above photo of young and old already know their rules of life. I’m not so sure we as humans can say the same. Go forth now and learn yourself, and be sure to separate the whites!

Joe Chodur

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