A Monkey with a Red Ribbon

Monkey-2It may sound like I’m being a broken record in telling the world that I had yet another closing come to a soft landing today. I am eternally grateful for each and every one that takes place in such a fashion. Happy buyers and happy sellers is what it’s all about. Dramas, tug of wars, harsh words, and injured feelings are things I work diligently to keep from happening. I think most of the problems arise when people believe they’re not being kept in the loop regarding the full process of buying and selling. Another problem area is when someone in a transaction wants to be a hero. I’ve mentioned numerous times that heroes are usually the first ones at which people take pot shots. Oily words and broken promises are also reasons to start un-necessary forest fires in a transaction. I’m just glad that I can still recognize possible storm clouds and give fair warnings when something starts going sideways.

I had a rather intense encounter today with a person who’s in a managerial position and minced no words with him regarding some of the shortfalls of those working under him. I was quick to refute his reasons for the failings of his people with whom I’ve had dealings over the years. Too often we find managers making excuses for their employees simply because they’re afraid of hurting their feelings and possibly quitting their jobs. The problem with that idea is that growth within a business is diminished simply because customers really do grow tired of sloppy work as well as getting the feeling that someone is doing them a favor by serving them. I countered every one of his weak excuses and assured him that he would likely not see me in his establishment as much as in past years. In talking about one employee in particular I said, “You have been duped into believing he is so delightful because when you are away, he turns into quite the different person than you believe him to be.” He even so much as tried to use the religion card on me which always causes me to bristle all the more when speaking of something that is entirely all about business practices. Of late I’m finding too many business standards being lowered simply because of the fear factor. Remember, fear is evil. If nothing else positive came out of that encounter today, I can assure everyone he certainly knows where I stand now when it comes to my expectations. Absolutely no one should settle for less than what is expected when it comes to levels of service.

I got the best and much needed laugh today after delivering a small token of appreciation for what a person freely did for me these past months. Whenever one can sense someone possibly liking something and follow through with delivery, you can actually “feel” the great appreciation from the recipient. I had this happen several times this month and those moments were memorable. I’ve decided I like giving more than getting, especially when you know you’ve touched someone in a very good way by a selfless act of appreciation. Since many suffer from the illusion that I have suitcases full of cash stacked high to the ceiling, they’ll sometimes say, “Mr. Chodur. What are you going to do with all your money?” I give them a good wink and say, “You’ve been peeking haven’t you?” And then I finish their questioning by saying, “I’m going to leave it all to a monkey with a red ribbon around its neck.” The looks I get are priceless.

Joe Chodur

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