Grin’in Pink Piggie

pig-1 After having a quick conversation with one of my businesses associates today, it seems there must be a bad configuration with the sun, moon and stars that’s been creating trying situations with the demands of others. When in business we must remain as serving as possible without becoming obsequious. There have been counterparts of mine who would grovel to a point of appearing ridiculous. Whenever I find people doing that to me, I back away as quickly as possible in knowing it’s all illusory. I’ve learned long ago that we can’t truly be all things for all people and as long as everyone understands the true nature of each for better or worse, there won’t be that feeling of sounds coming from peoples’ mouths but no real words being heard.

I had a first encounter with a young couple today in the showing of one of my listings. They’re a hard working family who’s trying to get ahead. I was shocked to hear the amount of rent they’re paying for a home I was in many years ago. It was rickety then and likely about as rickety now. It’s so sad to hear how many of the quieter low income struggle to simply keep up with the bills. They too often become prey to slick talking sales people who know full well they shouldn’t be making large and sometimes frivolous purchases. I do try to counsel the young as best I can but the barrage of outside pressures often cause them to falter on their paths towards a bit more financial freedom. As one wise old lady once said to me, “An economy based on consumerism is not sustainable.” I’m glad more people are getting into the mode of re-use rather than buying new. The current fad with some of the young wanting mid-century furniture is inspiring and I hope it continues. Some years ago I purchased a very well made mid-century bedroom set for a relative who truly needed something different. When it arrived at her home she was quite delighted to have a full bedroom set that fit the bedroom and all the pieces matched. I’d take a very well made mid-century bedroom set any day over much of what we find in the furniture stores today. Yes, you can still get real quality, but you’ll pay dearly for it.

I ran into one of my favorite downtown workers this afternoon and played catch up on the curiously funny things that have been happening to each of us these past months. She laughed so hard that she was making me laugh all the more when I was telling her about the overly-exposed tattoos I’ve been seeing lately. She said, “You know you have to look at them when you speak, but you find it hard to look somewhere to keep from looking.” She went on to say, “And then, when I do look at them in a curious way, they’ll snap at me and say something like, “What are you looking at?” When she was talking about a clerk trying to explain something to her with a large tongue tack in his mouth she said to him, “I can’t understand what you’re saying with that thing in your mouth.” Sounds like he didn’t appreciate it. I made her giggle all the more when I said, “Listening to them speak with those tacks in their mouths reminds me of a goat with something edible rolling around it its mouth and trying to bleat for more.” Oh yes, and that goes for people who have a mouth full of gum they’re over-chewing. Now that I’ve been a bit delightfully naughty tonight, I’ll have to say I feel like a grin’in pink piggie.

Joe Chodur

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