cat-1After these past two days of on and off rain, I believe its a true example of the old saying, “April showers will bring May flowers.” Noticing how quickly the flowers are coming up in just a 24 hour time period simply due to the heavy rain yesterday, absolutely amazes me. I was standing outside one of my client’s homes this morning and while chatting with them I noticed their hostas coming up and said, “The deer are finding them to be quite the delicacy.” They mentioned how fortunate they are in not ever having been bothered by them. I did notice another customer’s garden last week where the deer had stripped the bark off all her fruit trees. I shared with her my similar experience when thinking it would be nice to have a few fruit trees. They lasted about three years until the deer discovered them and during a winter, stripped trunks clean of bark and ate off smaller branches to where in the Spring, they looked as if someone planted dead branches.

I hope a photo of me taken today doesn’t show up on a Facebook page. I was over to a customer’s home late this morning to get some signatures and while being pressed for time, I couldn’t change from my work clothes back into what I changed from. The buyers were making fun in tease for having never seen me in work clothes—especially jeans. I was forced to pose for a smartphone photo. I couldn’t help reminding them that I did grow up on a farm and wore jeans regularly. Now I wear them only when doing menial chores of which I was consumed by since early this morning. Every so often when I see people wearing designer jeans in a professional setting I think, “Wow. Times really have changed in the acceptance of wearing denim clothing to work.” Some insist that their denim clothing is more comfortable than other fabrics but I think it’s simply an excuse to stay in step with current fashions. Some of the more stout men and women who appear to have been poured into their denim trousers when out in public, look to be a little more uncomfortable with their tight fits. I’m sure there’s a few blushing sights to behold when they’re bending over to pick up something. I’m always wishing that more people out in public would wear clothing that would leave more to the imaginations of others rather than having nearly everything exposed.

A late call from long term clients asked I show them a bank foreclosure this afternoon. I had a time slot open so I agreed to meet them out at the house. Oh Mercy! For fortune’s sake, I arrived before they did and upon opening the front door, I was hit with the most horrible smell of animal feces and urine. The carpet hadn’t been removed and seethed with filth. I made the rare choice of not stepping into the home for fear of their being fleas active. Fleas seem to be drawn to me more than others, and when bitten, nasty welts appear that take longer than normal to heal. I stepped back out and walked around the perimeter of the home. Since the home has no basement, I could see that someone had removed the small access door to the crawlspace and nailed a few boards over it. Well, that wasn’t good enough to keep the nocturnal creatures out. There possibly being raccoons, wild pussies, and hungry fleas, the buyers were similarly moved. A definite thumbs down on that home that is likely crying to return to the earth.

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