Rain Bursts

Rain-BurstsFor most of humanity, each day is yet another day to chalk off the calendar with a “been there, done that” attitude. I believe most of these attitudes come from the lack of challenge and reaching for opportunities. Certainly everyone would consider my speaking of the reach towards opportunity refers to material gain. It’s not meant to be taken that way. Reaching for opportunities also refers to seeking out knowledge, finding something to share with others be it material or clever thoughts to get someone to laugh. In these days of world strife, I believe getting a little on the light-laughter side more would act as a bit of counter balance. I shared with others, something that happened several days ago with an elderly client whom I stop to visit every so often. When I arrived at her home and walked close enough to her, she immediately said, “You smell really good.” I said, “Thank you.” She said, “What is it?” I said, “It’s called HIM.” She replied, “Where did you get it?” I countered, “I ordered it.” Again she said, “Don’t they sell it around here.” I replied, “Younkers used to sell it but don’t anymore.” “Why don’t they sell it anymore?” she asked. “Because they found every time some guy would spray a little bit on himself with one of the testers of HIM, the clerks would start taking their clothes off and running down the isles.” I replied with a poker face. Oh Mercy! The look she gave me was worth a thousand photos! I started laughing as well as she upon discovering I set her up for a belly laugh. Yes, sometimes when being grilled with non-stop questions causes the mind to kick into gear and start conjuring up of some outlandish final answer. You just gotta have fun sometimes as it lifts the humors and softens one’s heart.

An absolutely charming young couple arrived at my open house today whom I hope will choose me to help them with their home purchase. I really do enjoy working with first time buyers. Their electrified enthusiasm is contagious and even though the process is at times longer, the journey is worth it. I also find myself being a bit more overly protective with them to make certain they don’t allow themselves to fall into a money pit of a first home. First homes should always be safe, sound and secure along with enough opportunity to improve and create future value. There used to be more of those homes to choose from, but now the first time buyers are competing with the investors who’re turning them into rentals. Every time I can help to create a soft landing for a first time buyer, I feel as though I’ve really made a contribution towards our City’s future. There must always be the young to pass on the baton so to keep the momentum of vibrancy alive in a given community.

While seated in a meeting late this afternoon, I thought I could hear distant thunder outside. Since there were no windows to look out, upon leaving I was delighted to find we were getting rain. I dressed for no rain today so I guess we were meant to get showers. The ionization of the air from the rain is a refreshing smell. I tried to keep my car windows cracked enough to smell it as I was driving down the highway. As I was getting closer to the Post Office, I noticed in the distance a man with his car parked on the side chasing a duck seated in a puddle in the middle of the street. It was priceless to see. It was an interesting rain late this afternoon. We weren’t getting cloud bursts, but rather bursts of rain. My new description of this type of rain. Rain bursts.

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