Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St-Patricks-Day-1We’ve returned another year to where anyone who even thinks they have but a drop of Irish blood in them, will give cause to wear at least a thread or two of green and make as merry as possible during the day and even into the wee hours of the morn. Having a bit more than a few drops of Irish blood will give me the opportunity to be all more on the witty side and perhaps a little more smiley too.

St. Patrick is considered the Patron Saint of Ireland and among his many accomplishments, is most widely remembered as the Saint who drove the snakes out of Ireland. Well, as most research has revealed, Ireland never did have snakes, but the Druids often had symbols depicting them tattooed on their arms, so likely the “snakes” were actually the Druids who lived in Ireland prior to and including the time after his arrival. The driving out of the snakes likely implied his ability to convert the Druids to Christianity. There will continue to be much conjecture simply because it all happened so many centuries ago with little left to substantiate folk tales.

Our country become a popular destination for over a million Irish immigrants due to the Potato Famine that raged in Ireland and much of Europe between 1845 and 1852. Millions of poor souls starved to death and their only hope seemed to simply move where there were opportunities to better their lives. The legacy they passed on to generations of their offspring were far greater than they ever could have ever imagined. I read somewhere once, and I’m certainly not considering it a hard fact, that of all the immigrant nationalities that emigrated to America, the Irish as a whole showed the most advancement in all areas of life achievement. Perhaps they all kissed the Blarney Stone and became clever in their abilities to win over their opponents with their silver tongues. I’m sure their Irish tempers also kept them from being pushed around by the bullies of the world.

Over the years I’ve had some full-blooded Irish clients and customers and will certainly say there have been some that will always be remember in most kind ways. There was an elderly client whom I dearly enjoyed visiting who’d never let me have the last word and always had a witty come back to a story being told. She and her husband would invite me for an afternoon tea about once every six months up in their charming little apartment located in the Manor, simply to renew our friendship long after I sold their grand home. It has been years since they both passed and I can still “see” and “hear” them when thinking about some of our delightful encounters. What I most appreciated about them, was their acceptance of nearly anyone and everyone for better or worse. I can’t remember a time when I ever heard them speak harshly of anyone. I did learn in time, they simply refrained from subjects concerning those who were not of their mindset. I think they just kept a safe distance from people whom they considered not the kindest of folks.

I wish for everyone to have a most delightful and memorable St. Patrick’s Day of 2015, while I give you my blessing to have a healthy sip of a pint or two.

Joe Chodur

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