21 Days Re-visited

21-daysI’d almost forgotten the old saying, “If March comes in like a lamb, it will go out like a lion.”,and “If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb.” In passing I mentioned it to an elderly woman this morning who smiled and said, “I haven’t heard that in a while.” It’s nice to remember a few of those euphemistic sayings and pass them around in good measure simply to keep people smiling. One of my favorites that I still say once in a while is, “Tit for tat, butter for fat, you kill my dog and I’ll kill your cat.” I know some would consider it a bit crude, but it does make one smile while still getting a point across.

It’s amazing how many of us find ourselves in a “nesting” mode without realizing it. I spent several free hours today de-nesting my office of paper material that had magically built up into neat little piles here and there. Those piles made themselves visible when I started looking for something not so important. The shredder was getting quite warm after having filled two plastic trash bags with shredded piles of paper. Naughty me for being blind to the build-up. The next time a regular appears at the office, they’ll likely ask, “Is there something you’ve done in here?” I’ll have to think of a more appropriate response other than what I scolding said to myself about the paper clog.

Yet another one of my listings sold over the weekend which re-affirms my truly having to get out and do more self-marketing. This winter I’ve considered myself having been blessed with some of the most delightful buyers and sellers. Real estate sales during the wintertime can be daunting especially when working with difficult clients and customers. While doing the shredding, I looked at a note to myself and remembered several that were a bit difficult last year along with the winter being terribly bitter.  Last January was the first time I’d heard of an arctic vortex.

This afternoon I happened to think about an article I wrote some months ago in regards to getting ourselves accustomed to a new habit or routine. The belief is that if we do something different in our lives for a mere 21 days, then the pulling back towards old ways of doing something becomes diminished to a point where it is not so hard to continue on with the new routine. This can be in the way we act or react to something as well as doing or not doing things which were once hard-coded and familiar. Yours truly has tried it on himself and to a great surprise it worked. So if anyone in the future tells me that they cannot do something that is easily in reach of their abilities, I’ll simply walk away and think, “It’s not that you can’t do something different, but rather you won’t do something different.” The more we consider the 21 day effect on changing peoples lives in a positive way on city-wide scale, one can only think of the tremendously positive things that could happen in the mere 21 days. My first challenge for our community is for everyone to absolutely NOT do any texting or playing on their cell phones while driving anywhere in and around the city for a minimum of 21 days. If say at least 75% of our population would do as I ask, I’m confident we’ll see a marked decrease in accident reports during that time. If it takes hold, I’ll be glad I re-visited 21 Days.

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