PontificatorsAnother one of my listings sold today and it looks like everyone’s happy which of course in my line of work, is a good thing. If my listings continue to sell as the weeks move on, I will have to go out and start beating the bushes for additional inventory.  I continually remind myself to be ever so thankful for the loyal buyers and sellers I’ve had over the years in spite of the endless and sometimes brutal competition.

It sounds like more snow is in the forecast for both Sunday and Tuesday of next week. I’m amazed at how cold it is for the 27th of February. Getting hit in the face with -17 this morning was certainly a wake up slap. After reading about those huge craters that are starting to form in Siberia from the melting of the permafrost, it’ll certainly give more cause for alarm all over the globe. If the scientists know what they’re talking about, they believe as the arctic becomes warmer year after year, the jet stream will move farther south bringing with it those super cold air masses which they’ve coined arctic vortexes. I do hope every country in the world will take more drastic measures to lessen the causes of global warming. I’m certainly a proponent of solar energy, wind energy, as well as geothermal energy. I can’t help believe the technologies are there but likely the patents are being held by some corporate entities until they have to be put into production. Making quick bucks oft times turns into near irreversible damage to our environment.

I had a nice chat with a dear friend of mine who is exceptionally knowledgable and does more good for the residents of our city in such quiet ways that likely most would never have conceived her capable. We happened on the subject of the Middle Class of America in its death spiral. We bounced back and forth giving example after example of it taking place right here in River City. The days are soon to be gone where those believing that if they graduate from college they’ll acquire a good job that’ll provide them a good life up to and including retirement. The rich is growing in numbers at the price of the Middle Class. Far too many times I find young, middle aged, and elderly in struggles to keep the bills paid and forgot about saving money for rainy days. For those who’ve reached a point in their lives either honestly, or by hook or crook, I’ve found too many saying about those less fortunate, “Those people are too lazy or ignorant to know how to make things happen.” Well, there may be a few threads of truth in statements like those, but today’s world has changed drastically compared to 25 years ago.

Too many of our young have been led to believe that the world will continue to open doors for them as their parents enabled them to believe.  Unfortunately the real world isn’t so kind and the cruel awakenings of having to get a job, compete on a daily basis to keep that job, and become a slave of sorts to corporate directives. After realizing they’re not going to get much farther, they find themselves trapped on a socio-economic gerbil mill they can’t get off. Whom must we blame first? On one side of the coin, we have parents who’ve convinced their children into believing they do no wrong no matter what, and on the other side we have the “landed gentry” who stand above and spout convincing rhetoric upon those below having neither the intelligence or drive to succeed. In my eyes they’re both pontificators. It started in homes and ended on Wall Street.

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