Guarded Failures

Guarded-FailuresEveryone wants to believe everything they’ve done in their life was to the very best of their ability, right? It’s simply the way we justify our jobs, our sense of self-worth, and above all, our standing with friends and family. It’s interesting how with some, it’s more important to be highly considered among peers and friends, while others believe their standing within their immediate family is paramount. Most recently, there was a family member of a client who took great advantage of her elderly parents to the point it was becoming a serious financial burden for them. She was always so kind and gentle towards them and appeared to be a bit of a needy soul who’d endured many hardships in her life, while in the real world, she did everything she could to make the lives of others miserable. Sooner or later, the truths become evident to those who’d been duped. I discovered from one of the family members that a bitter discovery was made and the daughter is now without financial support from her parents. Her masterfully crafted deceptions were finally all brought into the light. A guarded failure.

I can’t help but remember a certain couple who married later in life. Each had their own children from previous marriages. The husband always thought his children walked on water irregardless what they said or did, because in his eyes they did no wrong. On the other hand, the wife’s children who were always left to look after their needs were considered to be nothing more than those annoying children who belonged to his wife that did everything wrong. I had to laugh when one of the children who’s a client told me that one day, he and his brother decided to wash all the windows in their mother’s home. Well, making a long story short, several years before, one of his sons who was short on construction work, talked his stepmother into hiring him to re-side her house, add new combination windows, and re-shingle. As the window washing started, one of the sons who knows a bit about construction started noticing things that were not correct with his mother’s home’s upgrades. First of all, everyone of the combination windows had to be physically removed from the exterior of the home to wash them due to their having been measured wrong for the opening. Secondly, the vinyl siding was of such a low grade in comparison to the expensive cedar siding that was removed, it was showing every crack and hole created by any minimal force. Lastly, the roof was re-shingled with low grade shingles and the wanna-be contractor step-brother didn’t re-install the roof vents. We all know what that creates. The step-father was confronted and replied in a rage, “My son did a good job and you don’t know what you’re talking about!” My client simply walked away without argument for fear any more said would likely be taken out on his mother after they were alone. The son told me his mother was charged over $20,000.00 for those extremely poor upgrades. Another guarded failure.

Many years ago there was a broker who considered his agents capable of doing no wrong. After those agents decided to move on to greener pastures, I heard many not so nice remarks from his mouth about them after their exits and so badly wanted to remind him of his remarks from years before. Yet another guarded failure.

It’s beyond my understanding at times in finding people so caught up with the belief that they, their family, or even peers, are above reproach. I attempt to always acknowledge failures simply to keep me working towards that fleeting belief of true perfection. I’d rather chase after perfection than make excuses for but one guarded failure.

Joe Chodur

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