President’s Day of 2015

a-k-willardSince tomorrow is another National Holiday, I thought it best to speak of it tonight. What this holiday has evolved from, is the celebration of President Washington’s birthday, then moving to combining both President Lincoln’s birthday which is also in February with Washington’s. And now, it’s considered best to commemorate all presidents on this day. So we started out with only Washington’s birthday and ended up celebrating every president’s birthday each year on the third Monday of February. It creates a three day weekend for most, but not all. Yours truly will be working tomorrow and likely busier due to the number of people who will not be working.

I wonder what George Washington would think of the present state of our country and the world as a whole if he could be resurrected long enough to be brought up to speed with the nuts and bolts of where we are now and how we came to be here. Slavery was abolished, women were allowed to vote, two world wars were fought, men flew to the moon, and machines were created to think like humans. I’m sure he’d be a bit flustered to find the amount of attention the media places on nearly all facets of public and private life of anyone and everyone who’s worth following around with a camera.

In reading about those two murders on Denmark this morning, I was again very upset to find more random acts of hate killing for absolutely no reason other than some distorted idea that this murder was making a statement and likely willing to loose his life doing it. I mentioned something to a colleague some months ago as to what my take is on much of this business of following an ideal by people who actively attempt to enlist as many naive and troubled people in joining their causes. I believe there are so many people in this world who feel as though they have no real purpose or banner of sorts where they can consider themselves special. They’re wanna be heroes for some far away cause in which they believe the’ll become chivalrous in a very dark way. Those who’ve lived in developed countries and know the difference between what is socially and morally acceptable and what’s not, throw away those thoughts knowing they’re going to live a life of deception, intrigue, and above all, the freedom to destroy lives simply because they’ve allowed their sense of reason to be polluted with an indoctrination which gives them a license to kill.

Feeding the fires of fear is what I see happening and I’m staying hopeful that all the countries of the world will recognize this form of mental assault, take notice, and make change. Absolutely no one should feel as though they’re living in a fearful war zone simply because they’re possibly another target. The killing of innocent people is by far the worst form of social barbarism. It seems to me the world is becoming more polarized since we entered the 21st Century with the justifications to do nearly every bad thing imaginable and consider it OK. As I’ve said before, the more bad we do, the more we consider acceptable, especially when others are doing the same things and getting away with them. Yes, I now wonder what all the presidents who’ve been deceased for some time would think of the present state of the world. Let’s hope for a better tomorrow as we awaken to the Presidents’ Day of 2015.

Joe Chodur

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