Like Attracts Like

likeFrom all the statics that have been given, be they correct or polluted, I’ve come to the conclusion these past ten years or more, I would have been out of business long ago had it not been for the deep-seated loyalty over the years of clients and customers. I had an opportunity to think about this over the weekend while working with an adult child of parents whom I years ago, sold a home to, as well as others in their family. We’ve run into each other over the years and seem to always be immediately back in tune regarding the happenings within each other’s lives. They, as well as countless others are just darned nice people who have the great goodness in giving others the benefit of the doubt as well as again, being just darned nice people. These are those many who wouldn’t compromise a business relationship even when being pressured by competition. The gimmicks being offered are what they are—gimmicks. I’ve said it many times and will continue in hopes that the world understands that when we intentionally deceive or compromise a situation simply because of the monetary gain, then in time, their core values become darkened with a justification of “Better for me rather than he.”

One may think me terrible by saying that over these long years of marketing real estate, I have turned away a few more than a few people whom I knew would be problematic with their expectations of me and my office. The mindset that has worked for me for a great number of years is that the office standards are fast and not to be polluted. Situational ethics is not what I would consider a valuable trait to have when dealing with the general public. It quickly erodes integrity and diminishes the desire to do better. It’s almost as though there is a gradual lowering of the bar rather than the raising of it with a person’s growth and development in the realm of doing good business.

What we all must work towards, is to not just establishing good relationships, but also to create a network of those whom we consider of like minds. Think of the bundling of very thin threads that can be so easily broken when standing alone, but take many threads and twine them together, you are quick to find the more threads that are wrapped together in a like fashion, they evolve into a very resilient strand of fiber that can endure pressure, resist friction, carry weight, and above all, it anchors. To find oneself intertwined within an anchoring group, you find it offers safety, nurture, understanding, and a willingness to offer help in times of distress without exception.

We find in these difficult times, groups of evil people attracting those of like evil who consider themselves crusaders of a dark cause. I’ve come to not like watching the international news much anymore in seeing the barbary taking place on a daily basis.  For this reason, I speak about this in hopes that those of great goodness create their own strong chords of strength to the point of becoming formidable social/political counter-balances to the destructive forces that are on a global rampage of destruction.

So, if bad people attract bad people, then why don’t we encourage all the good people to stand up and be counted as those willing to be standard bearers of great goodness. No matter what anyone says, like does attract like.

Joe Chodur

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