555I glanced at my clock this morning and noticed it was 5:55, looked out the window and noticed it had just started to snow likely minutes earlier. I held my breath in hopes that we wouldn’t get much more than a dusting and fortunately it was no more than that. I had an inspiration to dress a bit smart for church this morning by wearing a bow tie. I have a few of them which I wear on occasion and since I hadn’t worn one in a while, I decided it was time for one today. Upon leaving church, one of the congregants said, “Joe. You look as though you’re dressed for the opera.” I smiled and said, “Perhaps I should start reversing the trend of people not dressing up for church. Don’t you think we should wear our best for God?” I hope he took it a more positively as well as give him something to think about. I remember not so long ago people making great efforts to look their best on Sunday in order to be more respectful in their houses of worship. The old expression, “You’re looking your Sunday best.” would likely not be understood by today’s youth. Perhaps more young men and women should try looking their best rather than their worst when in public. I’m still praying for the drop crotch to fall out of fashion. Seeing young men walking down the street like fast-paced penguins isn’t in my mind, at all fashionable.

My weekend appointments continued on this afternoon with additional home showings and when I was finished with the last, I thought I’d stop and pay a visit to one of my dear elderly clients who lives but a few blocks from where I finished with the buyers. She was home and asked me to come in and set a spell. She’s a bit hard of hearing so I had to speak more slowly and clearly. She mentioned she received a box in the mail from one of her children and asked me to help her figure out want some of the things were that the box contained. I explained what everything was until I found a pre-cooked container of Quinoa. I’d heard of this grain as supposedly being one of the very healthy grains one should eat. I tried to explain to her what it was but I think about all I managed to get her to understand was that it’s a grain that comes from South America. She said, “Open it and let’s see what it tastes like.” I took two teaspoons from her silverware drawer and sat down with her at the kitchen table and opened it. I thought to myself, “This looks like wet bird seed.” I took about a half teaspoon and started munching. It wasn’t giving me that “wow” of being something good. I think she saw the expression on my face and timidly took a small teaspoonful. She started giggling and then exclaimed, “This tastes like bird seed.” We both laughed ourselves to tears. After we settled down she said, “What’s it really for?” I said laughingly, “It’s supposed to make you live to be a 104.” I was happy to have stopped and get a good laugh as well as my client’s day being brightened.

As chance would have it, while driving home I just happened to glance at my clock and noticed it to be 5:55. The traffic was extra heavy for that time on Sunday. As I was driving past the drive-thru restaurants, there were lines of cars waiting to order. So much for people having a quiet Sunday afternoon and evening at home where they could be preparing some exotic Quinoa dish and having a good laugh or two. Isn’t it strangely wonderful the things we encounter in a day between the two times of 555?

Joe Chodur

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