Angels in Hiding

AngelBelieve it or not, we had another beautiful day in North Iowa today. As we are moving closer to the end of January, I thought I would look at the extended weather forecast. One of the National Weather Service maps showed that the predicted weather pattern for the Midwest for February and March is halved with one section having above normal temperatures and the other being below for the next two months. It just happened to show the vertical line of difference running nearly straight through Mason City. I do hope we are on the above normal temperature side of what happens. I think we deserve a more pleasant winter considering what we endured the last.

I spoke with a well known professional this morning about an upcoming meeting we are to attend. Every time I get on the phone with him or speak to him in person, I always have a great “feeling” about him. He doesn’t know it, but I found out some years ago that he does pro bono work for people from time to time in a very quiet way. After I discovered that, I respect him all the more. We live in a world that is filled with people who go about their daily lives in a “gimmie” rather that a “giving” mode. Far too often we find people unwilling to do even the smallest of favors for someone without indicating and even asking, “What’s in it for me?” The most annoying for me is when I freely do something for someone without expecting anything in return and don’t even get a kind word of thanks in return. The crass assumptions that we are expected to be giving and those in receipt most deserving. Fortunately I remember their mindlessness and take care not to give them anymore reasons to believe they are entitled.

But we have others living amongst us. There are women and men whom most consider just average folks going about living their lives. Not so I say. Once you get to know these people and really listen to them and watch their movements, you soon find they are likely transplants from another time and place. I call them the angels in hiding. Some work in the public sector, some work in the private sector, some are retired, and some are still in college, and there are even those who are currently unemployed. One thing I’ve found over the years is that nearly each and every one of them are in denial when confronted with their angelic ways. Not so long ago while walking down the street, I noticed one and teasingly hollered after her, “Oh it’s so good to see an angel today!” She wasn’t very happy with me for a moment or two but calmed down and reminded me to stop calling her one. With a wink I replied, “I’m sorry, but you are.” She giggled and waved me off while on her way downtown. The more you learn about these angels, the more you admire them. They are in a state of chronic selflessness. They step out of themselves and look at the world of others through their eyes. For the life of me, I don’t know why it is that I can see them as they appear invisible to others who consider them just normal humans. I discovered another one today as I was at a check-out counter. This angelic young woman so matter-of-factly said, “I really like your scarf.” I said thank you and responded, “My grandmother made it for me.” She smiled and looked straight in my eyes and said, “Aren’t they always the best?” I simply said, “Always.” I’m convinced I discovered another one of the angels in hiding.

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