Why they’re taF

why-theyre-fatLast days of months are usually busier than normal but the last days of the year can be either more quiet or even more busy than the rest of the ends of the months of the year. Today was far more busy than normal for it being the day before New Year’s Eve. I hope it’s an indication of great and good things to come in the year ahead. I felt like I should have put my running shoes on this morning as I seemed be in a near constant state of motion since I crawled out of bed.

Being pressed for time this morning I had a very light breakfast and thought I would grab something more sustaining for lunch. Well, the mid-day meal sort of flew out the window with extra phone calls and pressing appointments. I couldn’t help thinking about the state of our country’s problem with a growing population that is becoming more overweight than ever before. I know we all need sustenance for our bodies to function properly and certainly should be treated as being most important machines in our lives since it houses our consciousness, but to continue to eat when food no longer is to sustain the machine, it creates an opposite effect.

I really worry about the number of children I see who are overweight. As the studies show, it is much harder to loose weight and keep it off when those children become adults. I empathize with the children of today who are horizontally challenged because I’m sure they are likely tormented by their much leaner schoolmates. Corporate America is the very first to blame for this emphasis on being served more. Seems every one of the drive-away or take-aways offer super or monster sizes. The cup holders in most vehicles aren’t even made big enough to hold them. And the amount of simple sugars and starches consumed on a daily basis is staggering. I have a relative that recently retired and the last time I saw her I noticed that she had added a few more than a few pounds. I asked her how she’s enjoying her golden years and she responded, “I’m lovin it!” It reminded me of one of those commercials for a fast food chain.

Seems everywhere I go downtown I find free offerings of cookies or candy. Do we have to have something in our mouths all the time? Learned behaviors can be broken with perseverance and determination. Then there comes the over-use of chewing gum. I was at a stop sign today and just happened to look over and see a young man sitting behind the wheel chewing one of the biggest chunks of gum. It was at least the size of a ping pong ball, and the way he was chewing it would have been worth being posted on-line where the laughable reviews would have spiked. Keep in mind, most gum has sugar and ingredients that even I can’t pronounce. Some say if they can’t pronounce it, they ain’t eatin it.

An elderly gentleman whom I check in on from time to time always gets a bit dopy around his birthday and the holidays simply due to his gorging on all the sweets his family either drops off or has sent to him. Oh mercy! When he gets started on chocolate, look out because it seems he just can’t eat enough until it gone.

I think everyone who has too much time on their hands should look for every other type of passive recreation other than eating. And people wonder why they’re taf.

Joe Chodur

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