Irises of Summer

Being it a gray and gloomy day today, I found myself making an extra effort to be up and light with those of whom I was working. I even told one of the buyers I showed several homes today to not pay much attention to my antics because I was feeling a bit slaphappy. I know when working with some of the younger buyers, it takes a little longer for them to open up and freely speak without being so guarded. I find in attempting to be more touchable and open with opinions and ideas, they as well become less guarded with their thoughts on homes they’ve looked at, and with that said, I find it easier in helping them in finding what they’re truly looking for in a residence. So many times people just don’t want to share their true thoughts about homes I’ve shown them simply because they’re afraid they’ll hurt my feelings or possibly trigger an argument. I’m sure this comes from the general movement of society as a whole in not wanting to be confrontational or disagreeable. I believe we are becoming far to sensitive in debate. Most consider debate something bad and to be avoided, but I find it refreshing as long as it is not conducted in the spirit of simply being mean or trying to pick a fight. Pulling answers out of some people can be a chore at times because they’re far too guarded and believe if something comes out of their mouths in a politically incorrect way, they’ll be immediately classified into a sub-group of rabble-rousers and nay-sayers.

I was very up front with a buyer today after giving every detail about a property. I spoke of the good and bad and said, “If you’re interested in it, don’t wait because it will sell more sooner than later so let me know if you want it.” No gimmicks and no frills; simply stating the facts and leaving buyers to make their decisions is how I prefer it.

I received a call from one of my cousins today to play catch-up on what’s been happening in our lives. I shared with him an experience I’d had about a week ago when I found myself cleaning up a bit of an accident at one of our relative’s homes. We found ourselves laughing immensely simply because I was creating quite the visuals in his mind. Sometimes you just gotta laugh about unfortunate things that happen after everything is back to normal. It really is good for the soul when filled with mirth about some of the craziest and unfortunate thinks that happen in our lives. Likely both he and I ended the conversation feeling more grounded and light-hearted.

We must all consider ourselves blessed with the ability of recall when the sun doesn’t come out, the trees are leafless, and dark hours continue to increase as we approach the Winter Solstice. One of the clerks downtown was complaining about the dark days and I think I cheered her up a bit by mentioning that there are only several more weeks before the sun starts its march back north. I remembered a patch of flowers belonging to a client of which I took a photo of earlier this year. The beauty of Irises along with their wonderful smell always gives me a lift. I went back to my stored photos and found that picture. Simply looking at it triggered my primitive memory of smell. I hope the Irises of Summer give you their assurance that the flowers will again be awakened from their deep winter sleep.

Joe Chodur

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