The Jumpers

JumpersAgain, the wind found every possible corner to torment with its biting cold today. I’m beginning to believe there is not just one factor but a combination of them that’s causing these unusual weather patterns these past years. From the time I was young, I don’t remember but a few times we had ice, where now it seems to be arriving on a yearly basis, and often I might add. I fear for the elderly who are not so sure footed and more easily prone to a fall with the wind blowing strong while trying to walk on icy sidewalks.

I spoke with an elderly client tonight who is preparing to leave for somewhere warmer and according to her, not soon enough. She quite bitterly said, “I haven’t left my home all day today because of this weather.” I know it can be a bit annoying for people being stuck at home when they’d rather be out socializing.

I had several appointments to show properties today and was indeed glad to have them finished before the sun went down. I have an appointment out of town tomorrow morning and I do hope the wind hasn’t caused much drifting on the highway or I’ll likely be gripping the steering wheel tightly all the way there. Yes, days like these are the thorns on the roses of North Iowa. We simply have to endure while making the best of them in spite of the inconveniences our winters bring.

A conversation I had with a youngster some weeks ago came to mind while I was driving today from one showing to another. Young people can say things sometimes that may not seem much at the time, but later when thinking about them, they become more deep and profound. This young man was with his parents while they were looking at a home and when we went outside to inspect the backyard, the young gentleman started jumping as though he was jumping over an imaginary hurdle. I said to him, “You’re quite the jumper.” He said, “Yeah, I like to see how high I can jump.” I then asked, “Are you getting higher with practice?” He opened up a bit more due to my interest and said, “The higher I get, the more I like it.” I then asked, “How does it feel when you get so high?” He said, “You know, for just a second you feel like you are about to start flying and you don’t feel so heavy.” He went on to say, “I think the ground keeps us glued down so the more I get away from it, the more free and light I feel.”

I told his parents he’ll have to keep practicing as they may have a champion pole vaulter in the making. The husband said, “There is no encouragement necessary from us because we often have to make him slow down.” In thinking about this young man’s love of jumping caused me to consider those few who seem to not want to rest on any laurels of accomplishment. Each personal success with these people simply cause the bar to be raised higher and the next jump more difficult. I believe too many of us have ourselves convinced, and often with the help of external forces, that we cannot jump any higher in our achievements. I bristle at times when I hear someone speaking about their long ago accomplishments but have nothing recent. It seems for many that once the prescribed door is opened for them, they turn into puddles for their remaining years.

I would rather hear of the on-going accomplishments from the ever-reaching jumpers.

Joe Chodur

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