Thai Soup

soupWith the temperature dropping quickly and a cold mist in the air this evening, I’m hoping we only get brushed by the tail of the arctic front that is moving across the northern States. I do remember where I parked my snow shovel and where my winter gloves are stored and hope when tomorrow morning arrives that’s all I will be reaching for are my gloves.

I had a wonderful conversation with a several members of a family today that I’ve know for a very long time. What I find so amazing about this particular family is that they seem to all get along marvelously. It doesn’t pertain to just the grandparents, parents, or children, but truly pan-generational in that they all get along so well with the group. Some months ago I asked one of the family members how it is that they get along so well and the response was, “We all pretty much interact with each other with a respect that has always been naturally mutual.” If only they knew how much of an anomaly they are within the family group as there always seems to be discord in family settings. I admire them greatly for their ability to maintain respect for each other in spite of differences.

I believe one of the factors that keeps their family in balance is that they are all highly educated as well as avid readers. I can certainly say people who read a wide variety of printed material tends to give them a more clear picture of the whole human dilemma. Shakespeare’s writings are considered masterful in that he was able to bring to life on stage all seven faces of mankind. Sometimes reading about someone else gives us cause to reflect upon ourselves.

I stopped at the grocery store this evening to pick up a few items and as always I find myself buying more than I’d planned simply because I entered hungry. I really have to remember not to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. I went up to the check-out and the woman at the register whom I’ve seen before stopped scanning and said to me, “You have a gorgeous tie on tonight.” I blushed a little and said, “Thank you. I do have a bit of a fetish for neckties.” She responded, “But in such good taste.” I smiled and remembered what my mother said to me when young and impressionable. At that time I had even more of a intense like of beautiful neckties and would sometimes pay more than I dare even mention for those times. One Sunday afternoon my Mother paid me a visit and noticed I was wearing yet another new tie. She said, “Another new tie I see.” My response was pretty much canned by then since I’d heard it many times before. I said, “But I like it, and if I like it, what’s the problem?” Her stern response was, “Some day you may have to eat those ties.” With a bit of the devil in me at the time and a smirk on my face I retorted, “I’ve always wondered what Thai soup tasted like.” She gave me that classic look of hers and walked off shaking her head. I’ve been blessed over these years in that I have yet to be reduced to eating Thai soup.

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