Burning Bright Inner Lights

DSC_4425Every so often I run into people whom I’ve either worked with in the past or have known for years but haven’t seen or spoken with in a long time. There are a handful of these people whom I would say share something very special in common and that is a certain radiance of goodness. For me it doesn’t have much at all to do with what they say or don’t say but rather an invisible aura that seems to dis-able nearly all negative thoughts or feelings. Some would say that these people are just plain and simply good people.

I happened to run into one of these people today while at the grocery store. Most would consider this gentleman to be one who could easily be lost in a crowd, but once you get close to him and enter into conversation, your whole perception of this person is radically changed. We played catch up on the happenings with each and shared a few thoughts on coping with some of the elderly people in our lives. After I walked away, I thought about what he said as well as the bit of twinkle in his eyes when making a few heartfelt remarks on a light and comical side. The interesting twist about him is that he has endured much pain and suffering at times in his life that would have likely turned most men bitter and resentful. If you knew nothing of his past, you would consider in talking to him that his life has been filled with nothing but happiness.

There is another woman with whom I worked with several years ago who exhibits similar traits. I know she’s traveled a rocky road with both her personal as well as public life. She was a great joy to work with and I had hopes of running into her more often but as our separate careers as well as schedules create restraints of making more connections, we didn’t see each other since until about a month ago at a public gathering. Again the twinkle of the eyes as well as the vibrancy of goodness emanated from her. Seems we simply picked up where we left off and had a great but far too short chat. Most from afar would consider her a bit flighty as well as introverted, but once engaged in conversation, one finds her to be a well of knowledge and understanding of the whole scheme of it all. I consider myself truly fortunate to have become acquainted with her enough to listen to some of her thoughts about life in general. In some ways I would consider her a modern day mystic of sorts.

I was in Manly later this afternoon and happened to drive past a home where several dear friends lived some years ago and in seeing the house with lights on and movements inside caused me to “see” them in my mind. Both the husband and wife were likely the most opposite of people but you couldn’t help but be totally comfortable around them. They had a way of dis-arming apprehension and turned nearly everything we talked about into stories of happenings in their long and colorful lives. The husband was the real pill who could tease without mercy and laugh with a Celtic giggle that was contagious. I often wondered if he lay awake nights thinking of multiple scenarios of conversation and the most appropriately clever responses. He was the first to teach me what a box of croakers was.

Yes, there are people living amongst us that have beautiful inner lights that burn bright.

Joe Chodur

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