Bad Hair Day

DSC_4767Yes. I’ve spoken about this before, but doesn’t it seem sometimes from the moment we get up in the morning until the time we go to bed, there’s an attitude we have that’s not what you would consider the most bubbly. Perhaps it’s the side effects of the full moon from last night where nearly everyone and everything I encountered today was a bit on the annoying side. It’s almost as though in times like these we become super sensitive to the movements or actions of others around us.

Yesterday I was called by a contractor who was late in returning a call from early this week who was to do some work at a property and asked that I call him today when I was ready to meet him at the property. Well, I called him this morning and he didn’t pick up and to make matters worse, his cell phone wouldn’t accept any more messages; likely due to the number of voicemails he had on his phone. I don’t ever remember having my voicemail box full. When he later noticed that I called and called back, it was a sort of “what?” attitude he had for my being a little bit on the cold side.

I stopped to see someone at an office this morning and asked if that person was in her office. The evidently new and inexperienced receptionist’s knee jerk response was, “Do you have an appointment?” I internally bristled and said, “No. I don’t.” She evidently sensed that I was a bit hard in my response as she walked towards her superior’s office saying, “I’ll see if she’s free.” What ever happened to people being a bit more courteous when dealing with the general public? I do think sometimes that there are a number of those who don’t even realize the inappropriate way they speak to others–especially strangers arriving at an office. The learning curve must get a bit fuzzy for some.

I had to do an inspection on a home today and found the occupant’s living conditions minimal at best and no cause of the home’s but rather the person who’s living there. I personally wouldn’t be able to sleep nights knowing my home was that unkempt and likely that way for months on end. I’ll say it until my last breath that far too many people have become apathetic and sedentary in regards to their lives as well as their living conditions.

I do hope the drop crotch clothing craze with the younger population has not been augmented to what I’ve been seeing these past weeks around the city. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that the trousers and sweat pants are now below the cheeks! I’ve seen it at least three times already and not the same person doing it. With winter weather around the corner I’m wondering if the stores are now selling thermal underpants to keep those thinly covered and overly-exposed bottoms warm. I can’t even begin to understand the concept of walking around in public with bottoms thinly covered. I hope it’s not another example of the “Look at me!” world in which we’ve found ourselves living.

Yes, I likely was having a bit of a bad hair day along with the sparrow in the above photo I took later this afternoon. The poor dear was wanting to roost in a small niche in a wall but another had already taken the spot. If only a sparrow’s looks could kill because I think it was having an even worse bad hair day. That look was precious.

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