October Blaze

winter-fallEither I’m becoming more observant of the outdoors or we are having one of the most beautiful Octobers this year. Some of the early morning skies have been strikingly beautiful to the point of wishing it to be an every morning occurrence. One of the upsides of living in the flat lands is having the sun visible earlier as well as later due to there not being any hills blocking the sunlight thus giving us a more distant horizon.

Having spent nearly all my life in the Northern Plains, I found that whenever vacationing where there are forests of trees, I would become a bit anxious because I couldn’t see anything beyond the endless ocean of trees which seemed as though the density went on into infinity. And of course, those dense woods are where lions and tigers and bears live and they are all watching you from the dark mists of the forest waiting for night to fall and then come looking for you. Thought I’d be a little Halloween-ish tonight since it is less than a week away.

I just happened to notice a review of a new movie that is being released called “Ouija” so I watched the trailer. Oh Mercy, that looks like it’s going to be a bit too scary for me.  In watching the trailer, it brought back a few memories of the times I and several of my siblings played with the Ouija board. I didn’t like it much because it seemed to have a dark side to it. Years later a client told me about several scary experiences she and her sister had with one. She was as well convinced that there was something sinister being awakened with that Ouija board.

I do hope the weather is pleasant for the children who are going out to trick or treat in their neighborhoods. They seem to always be so excited you can sometimes hear them squealing. I’m sure the parents will have a few difficult days ahead of them with their children being so high strung on sugar they’ll be bouncing off the furniture. I still laugh to myself remembering when I was young, some fully grown boys and girls came to the door in Halloween costumes. My mother went to the door with the candy bowl in hand and took one look at them while she placed a bit size candy bar in their sack and said sternly, “Aren’t you all a bit too old to be doing this?” They left speechless and I’m sure they didn’t come back the following year. I have to agree there are points in one’s life where you simply stop doing things set aside for small children. My favorite Halloween treat was what my grandmother used to make for the kiddies when they’d stop at her door. She made the most tasty miniature popcorn balls that were made with buttery marshmallows and wrapped in wax paper. I would take them over candy any old day. Having nearly forgotten about the popcorn balls, I’ll have to ask my mother if she has her mother’s recipe for them. I’ll likely now be thinking about delightful experiences I had on Halloweens past.

The photo above is one I took today of a maple tree modeling it’s late October blaze.

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