From Riches to Rags

catGoing from a sunny day yesterday to a windy and cold day today and approaching the end of October, we will likely be seeing more temperature swings as we arrive at the doorstep of barren November. I think my mood fit the gray sky and biting wind as I was a bit more than a bit irritated when arriving at a home for a final walk-thru to find the exiting occupant still carrying boxes of personal belongings out of the house in spite of an assurance otherwise. I held my tongue and muddled through the awkward situation when the new occupants arrived. For the life of me I will never understand why so many people wait until the last days to get completely packed, everything cleaned, and boxes lined up ready to be loaded. I will give credit to some who begin weeks in advance so that when the movers arrive that’s all there is to do is load and likely a little wiping down of showers and basins along with light sweeping and vacuuming. Oh well, as long as we get through the discomforts without tempers flaring I guess that’s all we can do.

I was called over to a home late this afternoon which is owned by one of my long term clients who is in the process of a partial tear-out and re-model of a home I sold her some months ago. I have to give her credit where due as she is one of the few who can live in a home while there is work in progress. From having to shower in the basement to washing her hair in the kitchen sink, and then having to basically use one of the bedrooms as her living room and the other as her bedroom is far more than nearly anyone could endure. Her father who’s helping her was there and as I was walking through giving my opinions on design, I shook my head and said, “Well, it’s not as bad as I was expecting.” Having lived in a home that was under a restoration/re-model project, I can say without resign, I’ll likely never want to do that again. Between the disorder and dust along with seemingly always looking for something that was moved or mis-placed, I found myself approaching my wits end before it was completed. This person is indeed one woman of substance who can likely endure more than any man could while living in a project home.

I had to laugh when I noticed something so I ran and grabbed my camera to take a photo. Her cat who in his previous home was likely living in the lap of luxury. I know he had his own special cat bed along with special toys and scratching post. He had the run of the place and must have felt as though he was the re-incarnation of the Prince Kitty of Persia. Now he is nesting in a cut-out cardboard box and gave me the most precious look when I snapped his photo. I’m sure if cats could talk he likely would have said at that moment, “What, Mr. Chodur did I do to deserve being forced to live in this dysfunctional residence?” I thought walking out, “Now that is an example of a kitty going from riches to rags.” Not to worry, I’m sure all will be back to normal in the months to come.

Joe Chodur

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