Angry Entity Contd.

entityThe continuation of my story from yesterday… He told me a bit more and then back to business; I had the required documents signed, rooms measured, photos taken, and the yard sign placed. I drove away that late summer afternoon still questioning myself about why I said what I did to the seller. It wasn’t but several days later, I found myself back out there showing the property to a prospective buyer. There wasn’t anything that happened out of the ordinary with the showing and that made me happy.

The next day I received another buyer call on the property who wanted to see it later that day. The appointment was set so I arrived at the acreage on time. The buyer had not arrived so I thought I might as well go in and turn lights on. Still no buyers, so I sat down in the dining room and waited for them. Suddenly the stereo went on in the living room which caused me to jump thinking someone was there. I walked in, looked around and went over a turned the stereo off. I was a bit unsettled to find that it wasn’t automatic but rather an older one where one had to manually turn it on and off. Moments later the buyers arrived and I busied myself with them enough not to think about that odd happening with the stereo. Several more days passed and again buyers were late and I was alone in the house. I was beginning to think the buyers were either a no show or lost so I went upstairs and looked out the bedroom window for them since it afforded a better view. Suddenly within the bat of an eye, I felt as though some force was squeezing the air out of me. I panicked and raced to get out of the house and nearly falling down the stairs, I managed to get outside. My breath returned to normal about as fast as it was being taken from me while upstairs.

I then remembered one of the stories the seller told me about a friend who stayed all night and was awakened by something or someone at that window. From that point on I never went into that home alone. I did end up selling the property but I felt it my duty to tell the buyer about my belief the acreage was haunted. The buyer dismissed my thoughts and went ahead and purchased it. When I picked up the sold sign after closing I never went back and likely never will. Sometimes things happen in a way that no matter how we try to determine a reason for abnormal things happening in a rational way by careful investigation of cause and effect, there are those very few times when we simply can’t. I resigned myself to the belief that there was an angry entity that manifested itself at that acreage many years ago.

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