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entityI know I agreed to share a few scary stories with my readers some time ago of which I did, but not for some months now so I guess it’s time to share the grand-daddy of the most discomforting experiences I’ve had with whatever one would like to name it. I prefer to simply call it an entity.

With the years passing so quickly, I would say what happened took place about 18 years ago. It all began with a phone call from a woman whose relative was looking for a Realtor and she thought it best to give me a call and see if I would be interested in visiting with her nephew about selling his acreage. I agreed, so she went ahead and called him and then called back to tell me what time I should be at his acreage the next day. I did a little research on acreage sales in that area so I would be prepared to give him some ideas on pricing when I got there. The next day came and I arrived at the acreage at the agreed time and found a young man likely in his 20’s who proceeded to give me the grand tour of the place. The house was small and very old along with about three outbuildings in relatively good repair.

Before I continue, I want to make it clear I had never met this man before nor visited the acreage before that day. I quickly familiarized myself with the positives as well as the negatives of the place so I felt comfortable in giving him a ball park estimate of what it would sell for in normal marketing time. He thought for a moment and simply said, “Let’s go ahead and list it.” I had a listing folder with me so we sat down on the long sofa with me at one end starting to fill out the listing agreement and him at the other answering the questions on the Seller’s Disclosure. Suddenly without even the slightest thought, I looked up and turned to him and said, “How long have you known this place is haunted?” OMG I was mortified that such words came out of my mouth and turned away and looked down. I didn’t know what to say because I’d never said anything like that to a client or customer before. I could see in the corner of my eye he had turned to me and suddenly while looking at me said, “How the f–k did you know?” I couldn’t seem stop apologizing for such an impropriety during a listing.

To this day, I have absolutely no idea what caused me to say that to him. He then proceeded to tell me of some of the happening at that acreage both while he was alone as well as when there were friends visiting. He started to tell me something that happened several times while some of his friends were partying outside and something came over me to get him to stop telling me because I had a feeling it was something I really didn’t want to know. I quickly said to him, “Please stop, I really don’t want to know what happened.”
…to be continued in tomorrow’s article.

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