SEA_3196An absolute picture perfect day for being the 28th day of September. Let’s all hope that the days of October will be similarly beautiful. I consider each day that is pleasant during this time of year means we will have one more day free of cold weather in the coming months.

I had some work with customers this afternoon and shared a few laughs about some of the people I noticed walking down North Federal Ave. while on my way out of town to host an open house in Plymouth. I couldn’t believe my eyes seeing one who was dressed far too evocatively and wearing what appeared to be fuzzy pink house slippers. I can’t even begin to imagine why people dress the way they do in public. Not so sure if it’s all in very bad taste or they simply want to be noticed in an awkward fashion. I took my mother to a gathering yesterday and being seated in the front seat, she certainly had a great view of today’s world in motion. I inwardly laughed when she made a comment about two men who were walking down the street with their shirts off. She said, “I think it’s an awful sight to see grown men walking in public with their shirts off. Don’t they know better? Where do they think they are? On a beach? If they would at least wear a sleeveless t-shirt or tank top, they wouldn’t look so bad.” I simply said, “Yes Mother, some men just don’t know how to dress in public.”

I made a short stop at a store and happened upon a young gentleman with whom I’m somewhat acquainted. I noticed he was wearing a most delightful bow tie and casually dressed in the new age sort of fashion. I told him I was pleased to see someone young wearing a bow tie and he should work at creating a crowd and possibly a herd with his fashionable ways of dressing. To my surprise, he mentioned how he would find some men much older than he dressing with an appearance of not even knowing how to tie a regular necktie. I went on to say how it surprises me so to find adult men and women dressing in a way that would cause one to believe they want to look as bad as possible. We seemed definitely on the same page when we found each other agreeing that the way people dress is an outward sign of how they inwardly feel about themselves. I happened to see a photo not long ago of a man who was shirtless with his upper torso covered with tattoos, and of all things, he was holding what appeared to be a newborn baby in his arms. The first thing that came to mind was, “Wow. What kind of example is that apparent father setting for his child?” I do hope our society as a whole will work a little harder at setting good examples for our descendants.

Joe Chodur

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