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CicadaI had the most delightful opportunity to take a photo of a Cicada today. I heard it making its unbelievably loud mating noise and followed the sound until I found it hanging on the side of a building. With what little research I did, this is one of the stragglers of either the 13 or 17 year Cicada brood that is going through its life cycle this year.

Believe it or not, these bugs are the oldest living insects in the world and we have them here in Mason City. I looked on the map of where they were normally to be found and discovered that this one is much farther north than it’s supposed to be. So much for the bug watchers and their plotting where the Cicadas should or shouldn’t be when making their appearance. When I was young, I remember hearing them in the grove of trees near our home and believe me, they were so loud sometimes one would swear it was coming from a loud speaker. I’m actually glad to have found one here as it re-affirms our commitment to protecting our natural resources as well as our wildlife. I think more of the young are becoming aware of the interconnectedness of all things living on earth and the harmonization of cohabitation. A young person told me not so many days ago about a friend who arrived at her home for a small get together with friends. A dragonfly just happened to light near where he was seated and he attempted to kill it. The others who were there that saw his action, chided him for trying to kill it.

I guess the words to him were not so very pleasant. I’m sure he’ll think twice before he attempts to kill another creature. It’s interesting how even the sound of chirping Cicadas can resurrect old memories. I remember once when I was likely a teenager out in the grove cutting weeds and hearing them singing with the treetops gently bending back and forth by the hand of a gentle breeze, the smell of newly baled hay, maturing corn, and remembering how good it felt to be experiencing the essence of the country. So today, I had memories awakened by a very old and welcome visitor.

Joe Chodur

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