Corny Day

cornI can certainly say a number of events were more than a bit on the colorful side for me today. I even checked to see if there was a full moon approaching due to some of the things I was seeing and experiencing. I ran into a business person downtown during the noon hour and with tongue in cheek, I shared with her some of the recent experiences. We both looked at the bright side and made the situations laughable. Since we both came from similar upbringings, I mentioned how people say and do things in broad daylight which back in our day wouldn’t have even been considered being done behind closed doors and shuttered windows.

I still believe much of what is taking place is a by-product of the “look at me” generation. Some people will reach for attention no matter how ridiculous and vulgar it appears. Similarly, I believe the obsession with texting is getting far out of hand to the point of being not only dangerous for the texters, but also those around them. I don’t even want to think about how many times I have seen people texting while driving. It’s almost become a standard with someone who’s tailgating me to get a glimpse of them playing with their phone in one hand while driving. Naughty monkeys! Someone mentioned to me today that his job is over a half hour drive from here and I lightly mentioned how unfortunate it was he had to drive so far. I was a bit disturbed when he said, “Oh no, it’s really good because I can get some prep work done before I arrive at my office.” I almost said, “I hope you have a hands free phone in your car.” I am convinced far more accidents happen due to people being distracted by cell phones as well as any other hand held devise being used while behind the wheel.

It’s too bad more people don’t use their time being alone to do some serious thinking on their own. I can’t remember the last time I had my car radio on or the CD player. I would much rather have that time to think and observe what’s going on around me while on the road. As much as I want to share some of the shocking things that I heard today, I have to keep quiet simply because even writing about them would be considered in bad taste. I did look up and say to myself several times after the initial shock of hearing a story about something that happened, “Elizabeth, I feel the big one coming.” I’m sure many of you remember that one liner from the television sitcom Sanford and Son. It does help immensely when hearing or seeing something beyond belief and then taken to a lighter side; the shock effect isn’t so disturbing. I guess I’ll have to still think about why someone would regularly walk up to a magazine rack and start smelling the newspapers and magazines. Perhaps they like the smell of the ink or maybe they can say they got a “whiff” of a good story. Now that was my being a bit foolish at the end of this corny day.

Joe Chodur

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