Hearts of Gold

Hearts-of-GoldHave you ever encountered people in your lives who are plain and simply nice? I use the word nice in a bit of an old-fashioned sense in that no matter what type of situation you find them in, they always seem to gravitate towards the brighter side of the moment. They smile a lot and give of themselves more, and even laugh a great deal about simple things that many would consider to be corny. I’ve been encountering more of these nice people lately so I thought it best to share my thoughts of them. We all seem to want to analyze people to death where they believe that because of this, they are like that. I’m not so sure nice people can be quantified.

I’m beginning to believe that many of them were simply born that way and they will take their last breath being in the same mindset. There are similar threads that appear to bind them all to the same fabric. First of all, they are socially more reserved. They seem to feign limelight and excessive attention. They freely do things for others in quiet ways; sometimes the recipient of the favor doesn’t even know who performed the kind deed. There is no socio-economic level of greatness or poverty in which they can be associated with as they seem to be from all walks of life. One familiarity I find with nice people is when at first encounter with them at their home, they always want to offer a beverage or something light to eat.

I dare say there have even been nice people in my old family who were freely giving to nearly perfect strangers. I wonder if they have to work at being nice or if it’s hard-coded in their psyche. There is someone who lives not far from me who is always offering to do things freely. I heard from people who’ve known him all his life who insist he’s been that way all the years they’ve known him. He is as well a bit of a quiet chap. I had a brief yet delightful encounter with a very nice person today whom I’ve know for an equally long time. Without even asking, I was handed two of the most beautiful peaches and told with a smile to be careful because they are really juicy. How did this person know I love fresh juicy peaches? Being a bit overwhelmed by the gift, I couldn’t have been more thankful of the kindness shown. I drove away thinking “Now there is yet another with a heart of gold.”

I shall continue to have hope for humanity as long as I keep encountering these random acts of kindness performed by people with hearts of gold.

Joe Chodur

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