Learning to Soar

Turkey-VultureI had a chat today with clients who just returned from a vacation in Ireland. Seems they enjoyed themselves immensely while there. One of the things they mentioned that was so different with the people in general, was that they appeared to take everything that happened in stride and always seemed to make light of things that many of us become easily upset over like having forgotten their wallet at home. Surely there was a response when discovered something like, “Well, I guess the Devil won’t have his plate set out tonight.” They even had a clever euphemistic saying for those who are in a hurry. I said they must still be able to kiss the Blarney Stone when appropriate.

After walking away, I began to think about this and it brought me right back to what I consider a real problem with much of society. We don’t soulfully encourage each other to be the best we can be. Whenever I have had to give instructions or work with someone who is stumbling with a given task, I don’t hesitate to correct, but as well encourage. It’s not good to simply correct because it gives the one learning a feeling of being a below standard human. Perhaps this is why so many workers feel alienated by upper management. Too many times I’ve heard the not so pleasant stories about companies being only concerned with the bottom lines of their balance sheets rather than taking an active step in creating a better team spirit withing their corporations.

I was reading the international business news several months ago and happened upon an article about the country of Norway’s national fund which if it paid out to every citizen the amount contained, every national would be worth over a million dollars. What I found surprising is that the general population of Norway believe their government has their best interest at heart; therefore they trust that their government watchdogs over this fund is doing their absolute best in managing their national wealth. They don’t live like kings nor do they brag about their wealth; they simply live, work, play, educate, and investigate new ways of making their lives and the world around them better.

I would say they hold a treasure greater than gold. Their wealth comes from wishing the best for each other and teaching those around them to soar to heights they never thought possible. All of this is done in their very quiet Nordic way. I guess when you think about it, soaring birds really don’t make much noise at all. Let’s all encourage each other to soar.

Joe Chodur

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