Horsing Around

horseHopefully today will be the last of the sweltering heat and humidity for a few days. Every time I walked outside I felt like I was stepping into a sauna. Of course we all know that people can become a bit more crabby when the weather is like this. Judging by the way this month has started, I wouldn’t be surprised if we have a late fall which will be a welcome relief from what we endured last year with the early arrival of cold weather.

One welcome diversion I had today was to visit an acreage that one of my clients owns and take some photos of the home so I can get it advertised for rent. As I often encounter, the home had not been completely cleaned by the vacating tenant. This has become more the norm rather than the exception when tenants are moving out. Yes, I’m convinced my standards of cleanliness are a bit higher than average, yet I dare say if I were the one moving out, I would be quite embarrassed in leaving without it being thoroughly clean.

The owner took the time to show me several of the outbuildings and the general barnyard area. While walking, talking, and looking, the memories of many years past began to awaken. The smell of the corn, the muffled movements of the three horses, and the views to be had of the rolling countryside and above all, the silence. The apple trees were drooping with the weight of ripening apples. The client asked if I wanted any and I said, “If you’re offering, then I’m taking.” The half dozen we picked were nearly picture perfect. The owner said he had some work to do in the shed and bid me adieu while I wandered about capturing the essence of country living. Having owned three horses when I was young, I was immensely taken by the horses who seemed more tame than what one would expect at first encounter. To my surprise, I found that I was out there far longer than I thought and barely made it back to to office in time for a scheduled appointment. As I was rapidly driving back I remembered something I said to a person who has a horse which she rides frequently. She knew how much I loved horses and asked, “Why don’t you get one?” My quick response was, “If I had a horse, my job would suffer.” Indeed I had yet another reminder of that today while I was busy horsing around out at that acreage.

Joe Chodur

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