The Good Life

mushroomsEveryone seems to have their own definition of what the meaning of a good life is. I’ve heard many over these long years of working with clients and customers and I can say there are a wide variety of them out there. From the mouths of many of the elderly have come words regarding a good life to be; having a more healthy body and being able to have real freedom of movement without the chains of old age holding them hostage. In writing this I think of an elderly woman who watches the clock each day waiting for a caregiver to arrive. I know without a doubt that her definition at this time would be to have the ability to come and go as she pleases without relying on someone else.

Most children would give their definition of a good life as that where they would not have to follow rules and be free of having to go to school as well as not having to follow any rules that they feel restraining. Children consider time to be moving slowly and they want the non-stop action filled life to do as they please. I once asked a child what would make him the happiest, and his response was to be able to be with his friends all the time having fun. I’ve wondered at times if it would become quite boring after a while if one were in the state of constant playtime.

With the adults there comes the big differences with the idea of a good life. I will never forget as long as I live a young gentleman telling me that his idea of a good life would be to have one million dollars a year in residual income. My jaw dropped when he said that because I instantly thought to myself what a burden it would be to have so much wealth. Large amounts of money can be quite burdensome. One particular person who lives here in our area seems to consider a good life to be surrounded with every type of gadget and toy to likely be traded in for a newer and better one when it becomes tiresome. There is a delightful middle-aged woman who lives here in the city that works hard towards her future good life which is to have her own small acreage where she can grow organic vegetables and raise range chickens. The simple agrarian life for some appears to be another form of the good life. Others consider the good life to be retired and stress free with their children and grandbabies nearby for daily pop-in visits.

Since being familiar with a number of people who work towards varies forms of a good life, I’m not quite so sure at this time what I would consider the good life to be. I suppose we all know when the good life has arrived when we find ourselves wanting time to stand still. What do you consider to be the good life?

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