FlutteringsCertainly we’ve all noticed when interacting with the general public, we find definite differences in their general behavior. We have those who move from place to place with a more rapid step; often leaving you to wonder if they are late for a very important date. It’s almost as if they’re biologically geared at all times in the speed of high. I was at a savings institution today where I happened to notice a person at the teller line that fit the description perfectly. The quick responses, the rapid body positioning, and the quick exit created the perfect example. I had a phone conversation several days ago with this type of individual and I can assure you I was perspiring by the time I hung up the phone a half hour later. I felt as though I just went through a Marine training session. Whenever I’m around these types of people for a very long period of time I find myself quite physically and mentally tired. Perhaps it’s the feeling as though I’m in a world where time has been quickened and being with someone for say 1 hour feels like 5 hours.

On the flip side of this behavior, we find those who move and speak slowly. There is one particular person who is a tenant at one of the units owned by a client of mine who seems to really work at creating a sort of presence in voice and posturing. The first time I met him, I thought he was being fearful or possibly shy about speaking in a normal fashion. I soon found him to be one who’s every word and movement similar to some sort of stage drama. The look, the voice, the posturing and the infinite pause before answering.

I dare say I prefer a bit more spontaneity in conversing with others. There is yet another young lady whom I’ve known for many years who seems to have developed a bad habit of the lengthy pause between the interrogatory and subsequently answering. It makes a person feel at times that they are asking some sort of deep dark question and the answer must be heavily cloaked for fear of some unwanted discovery.

Yet another interesting form of behavior is when people whom we really don’t know that well get too physically close when speaking to you. We’ve all heard the expression “arm’s length” in business and the legal arena. I believe that we all have grown to expect people to remain at an arm’s length when speaking to us. I’ve noticed from afar how the “in your face” type of people either get what they want or are quickly dismissed. There are several business people with whom I interact at times that do this and I don’t hang around them any longer than necessary.

As our downtown is becoming more pedestrian friendly, I encourage everyone to take a break and go sit on a public bench and start people watching. It really is a great way to discover all the differences in people and the way they interact with others. Of course we all must never be judgmental–simply observers. And if you’re really quiet, you may be approached by one of Nature’s flutterings.

Joe Chodur

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