At the End of the Day

At-the-End-of-the-DayEarlier this week I met with a gentleman whom I’ve known of for number of years through his family. I assisted his mother and stepfather purchase and sell several homes over the years and also worked with his sister. Some fifteen years later I became more acquainted with him while helping him purchase a home here in Mason City. He’s the type of guy that you either dismiss as a chatter box filled with layers of conversations touching on nearly every topic of the day, or step back and realize that there are deeper meanings to some of the stories he tells.

Without a doubt, he is one person who has worked very hard these past 15 – 20 years at providing a life for his two children of which he received custody of from nearly the time they were babies. His work is not only hard work, but dangerous work as well. He speaks of getting up sometimes at 4:00 a.m. in the morning to drive to a project in another city. I’ve heard him complain, but only at a fashion–almost as though he were chiding himself for working too much.

After we took care of the business at hand, we started visiting about some of the laughable things that happened over the years in which both he and I were involved. I can say without a doubt, we both got some very good laughs in while walking back down memory lane. I told him it would have been fun knowing him better back in those years as I’ve been discovering for me, that his humor is infectious. He was raised in southern Iowa and still carries a bit of an accent. I continue to remind myself that people from different areas in the State even have interesting euphemistic sayings. I still find myself saying at rare times about someone having “relations” with someone as that person “messing with” the other. My friend of whom I speak is filled with quirky expressions that give cause for me to laugh all the more.

Yet another admirable trait he has, is his great love and real caring for his two children. I would wager that his singular love for them likely out paces many two parent families. He is determined to work at helping his children be the best they can be, and with that said, his children are very much aware of the sacrifices he has made for them. One of his numerous leading lines is, “At the end of the day…” His end of the day is for sure the satisfaction that he’s done all he can do for that day. He has a roof over his family’s head, food in the cupboards, and a little money in the bank, and above all, a family that cares about each other at the end of the day.

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