Copy Cats

dogI have decided over these years of being around sellers and their pets; their four-legged family members start taking on some of the characteristics of their two-legged house mates. Many years ago I was called to list the home of a couple who decided it was time to sell. When I arrived at their home and pushed the door bell, I could hear angry barking. The wife came to the door and said, “Just a minute, I have to put Buster away because he doesn’t like strangers and will likely take a nip at you.” I said to Buster who was a purebred Schnauzer, “Come on Buster, don’t be naughty” and reached down and began petting him. He turned into my best friend while I was there. The couple couldn’t understand why he was so lovable towards me. I simply told them that I was well familiar with Schnauzers and they like to be heard and indeed can sense fear. They are one of the breeds that when on the run remind me of rabbits hopping.

Another buyer some years ago told me about a Bichon Frise’ that she had to give up due to the demands of her little buddy. She said that she felt as though her loving little dog was training her to be home at the precise time, go to bed at the precise hour, and not go to work any earlier than normal. I laughed when she said he would give her real dirty looks when she arrived late, and would punish her by pottying in the house as a form of punishment. She knew she’d had enough when her little darling jumped down off the sofa and looked at her thinking she was asleep with his evil eye glaring at her while he made a toilet right in front of her. Luckily she had a friend who was retired and looking for a loving companion. Her friend couldn’t have been more thankful because he got everything he wanted–especially the excess attention he always desired.

I’ve seen cats acting like watch dogs and dogs acting like other animals they are surrounded by–including the humans. I smile to myself whenever people believe their pets are not that intelligent. I had an outside cat many years ago who I swear was psychic. She seemed to always know when I would be pulling into the driveway. I could be hours early or hours late and she would be there waiting for me. Have you ever noticed how pets can “sense” if you’ve had a bad day or not feeling well? I’ve seen it time and time again with clients and customers. Some days ago I managed to snap a photo of a family pet who’s decided that if humans enjoy being seated, then he should enjoy it too. The antics of family pets are sure to bring smiles to even the most somber. I’m convinced the selfless affection they often exhibit helps to keep us from becoming all tied up with ourselves. Looking at the photo above, you can’t help but think animals like being copy cats.

Joe Chodur

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